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Developed and maintained by the Division of Legislative Automated Systems.


The Legislative Information System (LIS) is a free internet service that provides the public with information on the work of committees and the General Assembly during each legislative session. The public may also obtain the status of specific bills or resolutions, lists of legislation by various categories, and profiles of members of the General Assembly.


Lobbyist-in-a-Box (LIAB) is a bill tracking service specifically designed for lobbyists and special interest groups. Users may create multiple profiles of bills and receive email notification when changes occur. LIAB is offered in a free version for tracking five bills or less with unlimited email updates or as a subscription in which hundreds of bills in multiple profiles can be tracked.

Free Services
You may track up to 5 bills in one Lobbyist-In-A-Box "profile" without charge. All bill lists on LIS have a create a report or csv file option. This tool helps you specifically manage and report the data contained on the site. A user ID is required for both of these features. To register for a free user ID click on free registration to sign up.

Subscription Services
Lobbyist-in-a-Box Subscription Service and the Legislative Publication Subscription Service are two fee-based legislative information services the Division of Legislative Automated Systems offers to customers seeking timely and complete information regarding the activities of the Virginia General Assembly.

A subscription to Lobbyist-In-A-Box offers the ability to create multiple profiles, each containing bill lists and notification options. Email notification triggers an email when bills are sponsored by a member of the General Assembly, referred to a House or Senate Committee or contain specific key word(s), phrases, or Code section(s). The cost of this service is $400 for state agencies and $600 for all other subscribers.

To subscribe, please take a look at the LIAB subscription fee agreement.

Legislative Automated Systems Help Desk
Old City Hall
Suite #210
1001 E. Broad St
Richmond, Virginia 23219
Telephone: (804)786-9631


Sets of printed legislative publications can be purchased through the subscription service. The sets include bills, resolutions, and daily calendars. House and Senate Documents and Budget Bills are also available upon request.

Bound publications, which include Acts of Assembly, House Journal, Senate Journal, House and Senate Documents, and enrolled bills, may be purchased. Call the Legislative Bill Room at (804)786-6984 for availability and prices or any questions concerning subscription service.

Charges for the subscription service are listed below:

Type of Subscription
Service Fee
All publications, documents upon request only
Pick up in Bill Room, First Floor, Pocahontas Building
All publications, documents upon request only
Option of UPS or US Postal Service
All publications, including documents
Option of UPS or US Postal Service

For more information, contact:
Barbara Timberlake
Legislative Bill Room
Division of Legislative Automated Systems
Suite #135
821 E. Broad St
Richmond, Virginia 23219

Or you may visit the Legislative Bill Room during the following hours:
Session Hours: Monday - Friday 8:15 am - 5:00 pm (or as needed)
Non-session hours: Monday - Friday 8:15 am - 4:30 pm
Telephone: (804) 786-6984