Search FAQs

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Developed and maintained by the Division of Legislative Automated Systems.


If you know the bill or resolution number, click on Bills and Resolutions, key the legislation type and number in the box, and press enter. For example: to look up House Bill 1, key in HB1 and press enter.

Valid legislation types

HB = House Bill; HJ = House Joint Resolutions; HR= House Resolutions
SB = Senate Bills; SJ = Senate Joint Resolutions; SR = Senate Resolutions

Search without bill or resolution number

If you don't know the bill or resolution number, there are several ways to find it. If you know the name of the Delegate or Senator who sponsored the legislation, click on General Assembly Members and view the list of legislation sponsored by the member. Each list displays the number and a brief description of the bill or resolution. Once you locate the specific legislation, click on the line to display the summary and history. The text history entries will be displayed and you can then click on the desired version to see the full text.

Searchable Database

The searchable database (for Bills and Resolutions) provides another way to locate legislation by searching for key word(s) or code section(s). Click on Search: Bills and Resolutions and key in a word or phrase in the box and press enter. A list of bills satisfying your search will be displayed. Click on the desired bill to display the full text. The full text display will link to the summary and status display.

See all legislation introduced

To see a list of all legislation introduced, click on Bills and Resolutions and then click on All legislation. This list will be displayed in numerical order with House legislation being displayed before Senate legislation. Once you locate legislation of interest, click on the legislation number to display the summary and history. You can select the full text version from this display.

See legislation introduced by day

To see a list of legislation introduced for a specific day, click on Bills and Resolutions and then click on By a given day. The most recent day will be displayed. You can select any day by keying a date (in month-day format) in the box.

Budget Bills

The budget bills may be found under By subject on the Bills and Resolutions display. Choose Appropriations and then select the appropriate bill. From the summary page, you can search the budget bill by clicking on Presented and Ordered Printed.

Standing Committees

Standing Committees provides a list of all standing committees for the House and Senate. The information available for each committee consists of Committee Members, Dockets and separate listings of legislation referred to committee, currently before the committee, reported out of committee, and failed.


Meetings provides a list of standing committee and subcommittee meetings during the General Assembly session. During the interim, all meetings held in the Capitol and General Assembly Building are listed as well as related meetings held around the state.


Minutes provides a daily record of House and Senate floor sessions.


Statistics displays totals of bills introduced, passed, failed, vetoed and continued, as of the current date and time.


Calendars list legislation to be consider by the House and Senate for a specific day. Click Daily Floor Calendars and then choose a specific date. Click on the desired calendar category to display a list of legislation.

Cumulative Index

The Cumulative Index locates a bill or resolution by subject. Scroll through the Index Table of Contents, click on the desired subject and view the index entries. Once you locate the legislation, click on the bill number to view the summary and history. The text history entries will be displayed and you can click on the desired version to view the full text.

Code of Virginia

The Code of Virginia searchable database contains the laws (statutes) of the Commonwealth. You can perform a search by using key word(s), phrases or section numbers. You can also use the Table of Contents to view all Titles, Chapters, and Sections. Click on a title to display the chapters, click on a chapter to display the sections.

Virginia Administrative Code

The Virginia Administrative Code (regulations of state agencies) is also searchable. You can use the Table of Contents to view all Titles, Agencies, Chapters and Sections. Click a title to display the agencies, click on agency name to display the chapters and click on chapter number to display the sections.