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  • HB 1479 Equine liability; execution of waiver.
  • HB 1480 Child day programs; exemptions from licensure, removes certain programs from list.
  • HB 1481 Health insurance; coverage for contraceptives.
  • HB 1482 Unmanned aircraft systems; use by public bodies, search warrant required, exception.
  • HB 1483 Virginia Consumer Protection Act; open-end credit plans.
  • HB 1484 Alcoholic beverage control; distiller's license, remote store location and tasting room.
  • HB 1485 Truancy; procedures relating to intervention.
  • HB 1486 Va. Life, Accident & Sickness Insurance Guaranty Assoc.; assessments for long-term care insurance.
  • HB 1487 Correctional facilities, local and regional; standards for mental health services.
  • HB 1488 Marine Resources Commission; oyster dredge, sanctuary area.
  • HB 1489 Tolling; Northern Virginia.
  • HB 1490 Fossil fuel projects moratorium; establishes, clean energy mandates.
  • HB 1491 Marine Resources Commission; conveyance of easement and rights-of-way across Rappahannock River.
  • HB 1492 Certificate of public need; acquisition of medical equipment.
  • HB 1493 Electric utility regulation; recovery of costs of coal combustion by-product management.
  • HB 1494 Suspected adult abuse, neglect, or exploitation; mandated reporting, vulnerable adults.
  • HB 1495 Real property tax; increases term of boards of equalization.
  • HB 1496 Voter identification; free voter photo identification cards provided by DMV.
  • HB 1497 License plates, special; I HAVE A DREAM.
  • HB 1498 Sales and Use Tax; exemption on sales of certain personal property.
  • HB 1499 Safety inspection stickers; placement on motorcycles.
  • HB 1500 New River Valley Emergency Communications Regional Authority; annual budget contribution.
  • HB 1501 Standards of Learning Innovation Committee; adoption of recommendations.
  • HB 1502 Advanced Placement and International Baccalaureate Testing Grant Fund and Program; created.
  • HB 1503 Community solar generation; establishment of facilities.
  • HB 1504 Virtual Virginia; enrollment in online learning program.
  • HB 1505 Capitol Police; concurrent jurisdiction.
  • HB 1506 Appraisal management companies; clarifies definition, state-licensed appraisers.
  • HB 1507 Patient-Centered Medical Home Advisory Council; established.
  • HB 1508 School boards; qualified instructional positions and support services positions, additional funding.
  • HB 1509 Charitable Gaming Board; Texas Hold'em poker events.
  • HB 1510 Professions & occupations; recognizing licenses/certificates issued by Commonwealth of Puerto Rico.
  • HB 1511 Service of process; investigator employed by an attorney for the Commonwealth.
  • HB 1512 Higher educational institutions, public; tuition and room and board, enrollment.
  • HB 1513 Trauma Center Fund; expands scope of Fund, victims of violent felony offenses.
  • HB 1514 Police misconduct; locality authorized to establish civilian review panel, law-enforcement auditor.
  • HB 1515 Jails; ascertaining citizenship of person taken into custody.
  • HB 1516 Prostitution-related crimes; increases penalties if a minor is involved.
  • HJ 139 Celebrating the life of Special Agent Michael T. Walter.
  • HR 27 Commending Robert Curtis Baltimore.
  • SB 869 Education Improvement Scholarships tax credits; benefits & elig. requirements for disabled students.
  • SB 870 Educational institutions, certain; designation of governing boards.
  • SB 871 Amherst, Town of; amending charter, alters election of members of town council.
  • SB 872 Tethering animals; outdoor tethering of companion animals, definitions of adequate shelter and space
  • SB 873 Inspections prior to sale; exception, certain special orders.
  • SB 874 Motor vehicle drivers; signals required when driving.
  • SB 875 Assisted living facilities; regulations governing staff.
  • SB 876 Virginia Freedom of Information Act; transfer of public records, definition of "custodian."
  • SB 877 Transportation District Commission of Hampton Roads; membership.
  • SB 878 Correctional facilities, local and regional; standards for mental health.
  • SB 879 Intangible personal property; personal property used in manufacturing.
  • SB 880 Composite index; local ability to pay for certain counties.
  • SB 881 Funeral Directors and Embalmers, Board of; increases membership.
  • SB 882 Prescription refill; protocol.
  • SB 883 Income tax, corporate & state; modification for certain companies, grants.
  • SB 884 Alcoholic beverage control; increases general license application fee.
  • SB 885 Capitol Police; concurrent jurisdiction.
  • SB 886 Law-enforcement officers; psychological examination.
  • SB 887 Child labor; volunteer fire companies.
  • SB 888 Marine Resources Commission; conveyance of easement and rights-of-way across Rappahannock River.
  • SB 889 Driver education courses; DMV to allow licensed computer-based providers to offer tests virtually.
  • SJ 74 State and federal services; creation of a consolidated application for service.
  • SJ 75 Ethic laws; joint subcommittee to study.