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Motor Vehicles
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  • HB 1412 Weight limits; increases maximum gross weight of a motor vehicle eligible for an overload permit.
  • HB 1413 Driver's licenses; expiration and renewal.
  • HB 1417 School buses; requirements of drivers approaching or immediately preceding a bus.
  • HB 1419 Temporary driver's licenses, permits, etc.; DMV authorized to issue to certain aliens.
  • HB 1429 License plates, special; issuance for active duty U.S. Air Force members or certain veterans.
  • HB 1440 Farm use vehicles; imposes $250 fine for violating limitations while operating unregistered vehicle.
  • HB 1494 Driver's license; examination of drivers believed incompetent.
  • HB 1504 Driver's license or learner's permit; issuance, minimum standards for vision tests.
  • HB 1514 Doctor of medicine, etc.; reporting disabilities of drivers to DMV, not subject to civil liability.
  • HB 1518 Sales and use tax; automotive repair supplies.
  • HB 1519 Overweight permits; hauling Virginia-grown farm produce, validity.
  • HB 1520 Reformulated gasoline; sale for farm use.
  • HB 1525 Driver's licenses; revocation or suspension, laws of other jurisdictions.
  • HB 1558 Safety restraint use in motor vehicles.
  • HB 1559 Special identification cards; fee for issuance of duplicate or reissuance, expiration of cards.
  • HB 1595 Vehicle license fees and taxes, local; collection by counties and adjoining towns.
  • HB 1599 Suspension of driver's license for unpaid fines, etc.; written offer of employment.
  • HB 1606 Handheld personal communications devices; use of devices in highway work zones.
  • HB 1611 Child support arrearages; suspension of driver's license.
  • HB 1614 Motor Vehicles, Department of; disclosure of photographs, search warrant.
  • HB 1620 Open-end credit plans.
  • HB 1622 Commercial vehicles; harmonizes penalties for driving under the influence (DUI) and commercial DUI.
  • HB 1627 Interior lights; certain vehicles used on highway to ensure lights are in good working order.
  • HB 1633 Careless driving; cause of injury to vulnerable road user.
  • HB 1640 Motor Vehicles, Department of; titling an out-of-state trailer.
  • HB 1666 Speed monitoring systems; locality may, by ordinance, establish.
  • HB 1673 Issuance of disabled parking placards by physician.
  • HB 1682 Temporary driver's licenses; eligibility.
  • HB 1687 Nonrepairable and rebuilt vehicles; eliminates certain requirement sunset provision, report.
  • HB 1695 Crossing bridge or culvert by vehicle heavier than allowed.
  • HB 1705 Certification of driver education courses; requirements.
  • HB 1711 Minimum city population required to enforce certain ordinance violations.
  • HB 1725 Driving in the left lane on highways laned for traffic.
  • HB 1732 License plates, special; issuance for supporters of Virginia Nurses Foundation.
  • HB 1742 License plates, special; changes fees for plates for certain veterans.
  • HB 1761 Regulation of taxicabs.
  • HB 1763 Special license plates; highway safety.
  • HB 1785 Emergency vehicles, privately owned volunteer; exemptions and requirements.
  • HB 1789 Emergency vehicles, privately owned volunteer; requirement for flashing lights and sirens.
  • HB 1826 Motor vehicles; proof of financial responsibility.
  • HB 1827 Motor vehicle liability insurance; proof in electronic form.
  • HB 1834 Distracted driving; penalty.
  • HB 1850 Commercial vehicles; harmonizes penalties for driving under the influence (DUI) and commercial DUI.
  • HB 1862 Driver's license; suspension for nonpayment of fines or costs.
  • HB 1866 Issuance of temporary licenses, permits, or special identification cards; requirements.
  • HB 1878 Suspension of license; person legally adjudged incompetent.
  • HB 1879 Concealed handgun permit; disqualification, driving illegally after consumption of alcohol.
  • HB 1888 Wireless telecommunications devices; use by persons driving school buses.
  • HB 1905 All-electronic toll facilities; evidence provided for unpaid tolls, penalty.
  • HB 1920 Property transportation network companies; required to provide motor vehicle liability coverage.
  • HB 1960 Tow truck drivers and towing and recovery operators; civil penalty for improper towing.
  • HB 1976 Inoperable vehicles; James City County authorized to prohibit any person from keeping, etc.
  • HB 2005 Leaving vehicles unattended and running; prohibition.
  • HB 2016 Electric personal delivery devices; operation on sidewalks and shared-use paths.
  • HB 2019 Transportation network company partner; vehicle registration repeal.
  • HB 2020 Temporary driver's licenses, permits, or special identification cards; requirements for issuance.
  • HB 2022 Transportation, Department of; traffic incident response and management.
  • HB 2023 Highway maintenance payments; bicycle lanes.
  • HB 2026 Property and bulk property carriers; regulation, combines authorities.
  • HB 2032 Filing and application fees for transportation network companies.
  • HB 2036 Tow truck drivers; exempts registration with DCJS, exceptions.
  • HB 2048 Child support and fines; nonpayment, suspension of driver's license.
  • HB 2049 Driver's license; suspension of license for nonpayment of fines and court costs.
  • HB 2051 Marijuana offenses; driver's license forfeiture.
  • HB 2062 Law-enforcement officer; definition, municipal park rangers training.
  • HB 2075 Commercial driver's license; instruction in comprehensive community colleges.
  • HB 2088 Voter registration at the Department of Motor Vehicles; opt-out voter registration.
  • HB 2130 Motor vehicles; motor fuel sales tax in certain transportation districts.
  • HB 2132 Towing advisory board, local; membership.
  • HB 2182 Voter registration at the Department of Motor Vehicles; opt-out voter registration.
  • HB 2201 Failure to drive on right side of highways or observe traffic lanes; increases penalties.
  • HB 2229 Electronic credentials; creates standards for DMV in issuing, reviewing, etc., report.
  • HB 2231 Ignition interlock system; period of time which person is prohibited to drive, etc.
  • HB 2235 Motorcyclists or autocyclists; removes requirement to wear protective helmets.
  • HB 2238 DUI manslaughter; ignition interlock.
  • HB 2239 Farm use vehicles, certain; registration exemption, highway distance limitations.
  • HB 2268 Ignition interlock violations; venue for prosecution of any offense.
  • HB 2269 Motor vehicle safety inspection; Superintendent shall provide information upon written request.
  • HB 2326 Specially constructed vehicles for general transportation purposes; registration.
  • HB 2327 Driving under influence of alcohol; implied consent, refusal of blood or breath tests.