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  • HB 246 Virginia Code Commission; duties.
  • HB 277 Guardians ad litem for children; report requirements, certification form.
  • HB 295 Resident stickers; turns in certain residential areas.
  • HB 330 Public elementary and secondary school students; use of unscented topical sunscreen.
  • HB 338 Medicaid; Training, Education, Employment, and Opportunity Program for able-bodied adult recipients.
  • HB 362 Law-enforcement officer; change in definition, security division of the Virginia Lottery.
  • HB 372 School calendar; opening day of the school year.
  • HB 525 Carnal knowledge of pretrial or posttrial offender; bail bondsmen, increases penalty.
  • HB 541 Veterans, certain; alternative treatment options.
  • HB 611 Certificate of public need; issuance for new neonatal care services in Planning District 5.
  • HB 622 Sex offenders; prohibited entry onto school property, penalty.
  • HB 670 Standards of Quality; local match for basic aid, debt service on projects in school divisions.
  • HB 676 Children; services for deaf or hard of hearing.
  • HB 692 Virginia Regional Industrial Facilities Act; revenue sharing, composite index.
  • HB 747 Veterinarians; exemption from sales and use tax on purchase or prescription of drugs and medicines.
  • HB 786 Taxes, local; taxpayer's application to court to correct erroneous assessments.
  • HB 787 Real property taxes; appeals to boards of equalization.
  • HB 809 School boards, local; display of commercial advertising material on school buses.
  • HB 885 Conventional or alternative onsite sewage systems; authority of the Board of Health.
  • HB 998 Parental or legal custodial powers, temporary delegation; child-placing agency.
  • HB 1033 Testing of bodily fluids; deemed consent.
  • HB 1210 Post-election audits; definition.
  • HB 1252 Renewable energy power purchase agreements; pilot programs.
  • HB 1320 Division-level performance assessments; DOE to develop and distribute resource guide.
  • HB 1325 Provisional voting; persons voting in split precincts.
  • HB 1424 Recounts; number permitted, tie votes.
  • HB 1435 Initiation of a civil action; duties of clerk of general district court.
  • HB 1606 Certificate of public need; psychiatric beds and services.
  • HJ 19 Public elementary and secondary education; joint committee to study the future in the Commonwealth.