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  • HB 1339 Sales and use tax; accelerated payments.
  • HB 1340 Emergency services and disaster law; expedited inspections required for small businesses.
  • HB 1341 Virginia Small Business Emergency Bridge Loan Fund; created.
  • HB 1342 License plates, special; issuance to supporters of NASA facilities in Virginia.
  • HB 1343 Notaries; fee agreements with employer.
  • HB 1344 Va. Alternative Energy and Coastal Protection Act; establishing funding source to affected locality.
  • HB 1345 Absentee voting; deadline for requesting a mailed absentee ballot.
  • HB 1346 Children's Services Act; special education programs, expands eligibility for services.
  • HB 1347 Controlled substances; reporting overdoses.
  • HB 1348 Cattle Industry Board; assessment from sale of cattle.
  • HB 1349 Trespass towing; exempts Planning District 16 from certain requirements.
  • HB 1350 Certificate of public need; freestanding diagnostic imaging center.
  • HB 1351 Joint legal, joint physical, or sole child custody; court shall consider and may award.
  • HB 1352 Motor vehicle fuels sales tax in certain areas of the Commonwealth; price floor.
  • HB 1353 Battlefield property; incorporation into national park, transfer of easement.
  • HB 1354 Motor vehicles; covered & unlit lighting devices.
  • HB 1355 Minors; alternative facility of temporary detention.
  • HB 1356 Transient occupancy tax; expands tax in Northern Virginia statewide.
  • HB 1357 Public employment; inquiries by state agencies and localities regarding criminal convictions.
  • HB 1358 Commonwealth's Development Opportunity Fund; criteria for awarding grants and loans.
  • HB 1359 Human Resource Management, Department of; establishment of state employee voluntary leave bank.
  • HB 1360 Child support; guidelines for determination of obligation, child support orders.
  • HB 1361 Child support; calculation of obligation, multiple custody arrangements.
  • HB 1362 Newborn screening; tests for time-critical disorders.
  • HB 1363 Historic rehabilitation tax credit; expand availability of credit for project rehabilitating school.
  • HB 1364 Closed preliminary hearings; child pornography, etc., case.
  • HB 1365 Va. Alternative Energy and Coastal Protection Act; establishing funding source to affected locality.
  • HB 1366 Home care organization; licensure, multiple locations.
  • HJ 127 Inaugural committee; established.
  • HJ 128 Celebrating the life of John Robert Brady.
  • SB 780 Hydroelectric plant; revenue sharing agreement among certain localities.
  • SB 804 Controlled substances; reporting overdoses.
  • SB 805 Passing a stopped school bus; conviction shall not be made part of driving record.
  • SB 806 Certificate of public need; medical equipment for MRI services in Northern, Virginia.
  • SB 807 Coal combustion residuals and other units; permits, request for proposals.
  • SB 808 Electric utilities; Transitional Rate Period, coal combustion residuals landfills.
  • SB 809 Eminent domain; calculation of lost profits, amends definitions.