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  • HB 195 Alexandria, City of; amending charter, tree planting and replacement.
  • HB 196 Child abuse or neglect; extension of hearings to review findings by local depts. of social services.
  • HB 197 Prescription monitoring program; definitions, requirement for filling prescriptions.
  • HB 198 Firearms; removal from persons posing substantial risk, penalties.
  • HB 199 Digital Citizenship, Internet Safety, and Media Literacy Advisory Council; established.
  • HB 200 Income tax, state; subtraction for employer payment of qualified education loans.
  • HB 201 Restitution; enforcement.
  • HB 202 Court fines and costs; community service.
  • HB 203 Sentence reduction; substantial assistance to prosecution.
  • HB 204 Energy benchmarking; access to data on energy usage in covered buildings.
  • HB 205 Redistricting; criteria for remedial plans.
  • HB 206 Pawnbrokers; digital image of forms of identification.
  • HJ 20 Celebrating the life of Ferris M. Belman, Sr.
  • HJ 21 Constitutional amendment; Virginia Redistricting Commission, criteria to redraw certain districts.
  • SB 145 Firearm transfers; penalties.
  • SB 146 Children's Ombudsman, Office of the; created.
  • SB 147 Commonwealth Transportation Board; factors for project selection.
  • SB 148 Driver's licenses; suspensions for certain non-driving related offenses.
  • SB 149 Outdoor amphitheater or concert venue; nonsmoking areas, penalty.
  • SB 150 Elections; ascertainment of results by the electoral board, write-in votes.
  • SB 151 General registrar; office open five days a week.
  • SB 152 General registrars; assistants, full-time status.
  • SB 153 Independent candidates; clarification of definition of "time of filing for the office."
  • SB 154 Administrative Process Act; hearing officers, timely decisions.
  • SB 155 Firearms; chambers of local governing bodies.
  • SB 156 Guardians, licensed physician, etc.; annual reports.
  • SB 157 Grand larceny & certain property crimes; increases threshold amount of money taken, etc., to $500.
  • SB 158 Medical assistance; eligibility for state plan.
  • SB 159 Medical services; Commonwealth's lien for payment, limitations.
  • SB 160 Language development for children who are deaf or hard of hearing; assessment resources.
  • SB 161 Medicare; supplement policies for individuals under age 65.
  • SB 162 Marketplace Virginia; created.
  • SB 163 Historical African American cemeteries and graves; adds cemetery at Belmont in Loudoun County.
  • SB 164 Absentee voting; persons age 65 or older.
  • SB 165 Voter identification; accepted forms of identification.
  • SB 166 Telecommunications; Dept. of Historic Resources to convene work group to examine Sect. 106 review.
  • SB 167 Discovery in criminal cases; duty to provide.
  • SB 168 Electronic transmission of nude or partially nude images of minors by minors; penalty.
  • SB 169 Public schools; robotics team competition program.
  • SB 170 Public schools; student discipline.
  • SB 171 Henrietta Lacks Commission; established.
  • SB 172 Education Improvement Scholarships tax credits; pre-kindergarten eligibility.
  • SB 173 Consumer fireworks; regulation of the sale and use, criminal and civil penalties.
  • SB 174 Alcoholic beverage control; wine wholesaler, primary area of responsibility.
  • SB 175 Dogs or cats; public animal shelters required to notify intent to euthanize.
  • SB 176 Life insurance policies; claims of creditors.
  • SB 177 Revolutionary War cemeteries and graves; disbursement of appropriated sums to maintain.
  • SB 178 Parental or legal custodial powers, temporary delegation of; child-placing agency.
  • SB 179 Comprehensive plan; solar facilities.
  • SB 180 Acceptability of electronic medium; record of criminal proceedings to appellate court.
  • SB 181 Driver's license; suspension for nonpayment of fines or costs.
  • SJ 13 2016 conditional rezoning proffer reform bill; joint committee to study.
  • SJ 14 Emergency custody and temporary detention; alternative models.