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SB 834 Affordable housing; certain localities allowed to adopt dwelling unit ordinances.

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Affordable housing dwelling unit ordinances. Allows certain localities to adopt affordable housing dwelling unit ordinances. The governing body of any locality, other than localities to which certain current affordable housing provisions apply, may by amendment to the zoning ordinances of such locality provide for an affordable housing dwelling unit program. Such program shall address housing needs, promote a full range of housing choices, and encourage the construction and continued existence of housing affordable to low-and-moderate-income citizens by providing for increases in density to the applicant in exchange for the applicant's voluntarily electing to provide such affordable housing. Any local ordinance may authorize the governing body to (i) establish qualifying jurisdiction-wide affordable dwelling unit sales prices based on local market conditions, (ii) establish jurisdiction-wide affordable dwelling unit qualifying income guidelines, and (iii) offer incentives other than density increases, such as reductions or waiver of permit, development, and infrastructure fees, as the governing body deems appropriate to encourage the provision of affordable housing.

The bill provides that any zoning ordinance establishing an affordable housing dwelling unit program may include reasonable regulations and provisions as to any or all of the following: (a) for application of the requirements of an affordable housing dwelling unit program to any site, as defined by the locality, or a portion thereof at one location that is the subject of an application for rezoning or special exception or site plan or subdivision plat that yields, as submitted by the applicant, at an equivalent density greater than one unit per acre and that is located within an approved sewer area; (b) the waiver of any fees associated with the construction, renovation, or rehabilitation of a structure, including building permit fees, application review fees, and water and sewer connection fees; (c) for standards of compliance with the provisions of an affordable housing dwelling unit program and for the authority of the local governing body or its designee to enforce compliance with such standards and impose reasonable penalties for noncompliance, provided that such local zoning ordinance provide for an appeal process for any party aggrieved by a decision of the local governing body; and (d) various other provisions set out in the bill.

Any zoning ordinance establishing such affordable housing dwelling unit program shall adopt the regulations and provisions set out in the bill to establish an affordable housing density bonus and development standards relief program. This bill is identical to HB 1101.