LIS Reports

Creating Reports:

Use from / thru section numbers (i.e. 12.1-1 thru section 12.1-4) to filter your list. These are optional fields. If you leave both fields blank, the system will assume all sections within the chapter. If you enter data in the from field and leave the thru field blank, the system will assume thru the last section for the specified chapter.

If you include an email address the report will be prepared offline and emailed to you, usually within 15 minutes (depending on system load).

Note: Some organizations, including a few state agencies, have chosen to block html attachments in an attempt to prevent viruses. Unfortunately, many of these organizations run software that cannot determine if the attachment contains "live" code, or if the sender is "trusted" versus "unknown"... and therefore, block all html attachments. Contact your email administrator for more information.

If you omit your address the report will be prepared and displayed online. Please note: response times depend on the number of sections requested. Online responses are limited to a document size of approximately 80K (approximately 30 pages). Email responses are limited to 250K (approximately 100 pages). You may find it convenient to use section number ranges (described above) to manage output size. Be aware that text elements require additional resources and therefore may take longer than expected to prepare.

Contact Legislative Automated Systems Help Desk (804 786-9631) for additional information.