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HB 2210 Coal Mine Safety Act.

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Coal Mine Safety Act. Revises the Act. The changes made by the bill, many of which are technical or clarifying in nature, include the following: References to abandoned areas of mines are replaced with references to worked-out areas. References to competent persons are replaced by references to authorized persons or certified persons. In several provisions where the Chief of the Division of Mines and the Director of the Department of Mines, Minerals and Energy are both given the authority or duty do something, the reference to the Director is removed. Operators of mines are required to secure surface openings against unauthorized entrance in areas where mining is discontinued for more than 30 days. Coal mine map revisions must be certified by a registered engineer or registered surveyor. The penalty for making false statements on mine maps is increased from $ 200 to the regular penalty for a Class 1 misdemeanor. The requirement that members of mine rescue teams be 50 years of age or younger is removed. Mines are required to have their roof control plans approved by the Chief, and roof falls are to be reported in the same manner as other accidents. Safety procedures for mining near coalbed methane wells must be addressed in plans the mines are already required to have. Off-track haulage equipment operators are required to correct or report to the mine foreman any hazardous condition observed on haulage roads. Automatic couplers are required for track haulage cars which are regularly coupled and uncoupled. The requirement that the mine foreman or authorized person be in attendance while miners are boarding or leaving belts is eliminated. New surface structures where miners congregate or where official records are kept must be offset not less than 15 feet from the nearest side of any mine opening, or otherwise located to be out of the direct line of possible forces coming out of the mine should an explosion occur. Requirements for electrical systems are amended. Underground transformer stations, battery charging stations, substations, rectifiers, and water pumps must be housed in noncombustible structures or areas, or be equipped with an approved fire suppression system. Requirements for safety examinations, records of such examinations and reporting and posting of any hazardous conditions are revised.