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SB 89 Juvenile justice; education.

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Juvenile justice; education. Requires the court services unit or local department of public welfare or social services to develop, in consultation with the Department of Correctional Education, the local school division, and the juvenile correctional center counselor, a re-enrollment plan for each juvenile of the compulsory school attendance age or a juvenile with disabilities identified as eligible for special education committed to the Department of Youth and Family Services. The conditions of the re-enrollment plan may be included in the conditions of parole.

The local school boards are required to provide parents with information regarding the compulsory school attendance law and state and local enforcement policies. A court may not order a local school board to reenroll a juvenile who has been expelled. At least 14 days before the juvenile's scheduled release, the Department of Corrections shall notify the division superintendent in the locality where the juvenile will reside.

The provisions governing truancy are also modified. The penalty for inducing a child to become truant is increased from a Class 4 to a Class 3 misdemeanor.

The unexplained failure to attend school for three, rather than five, consecutive school days, or five scheduled school days per month or failure to attend for an aggregate of 7 days within per school calendar quarter, whichever occurs sooner, will result in a notice to the parent. Currently, the principal's notice requests the parent to either come to school with the child or explain the absence in writing. The annual reports on criminal activity on school property which are currently made by the division superintendent to the Department of Education are to be made available to the public. Responsibility for reporting possible criminal activity to law-enforcement officials is vested solely in the principal.