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HB 1372 Mine Safety Act revisions.

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Mine Safety Act revisions. Makes numerous changes to the Commonwealth's mine safety laws. Changes of general applicability to the mine safety laws relate to: the language in which safety rules are to be posted; the form of payment of certain fees; the renewal of licenses; the application for licenses; annual reports; mine maps; compensation for mine rescue crews and for setting annual fees for mine rescue teams; payment of the cost of certain investigations; and access to certificates of inspection. Changes applicable to underground coal mining relate to: examinations in testing the roof, face and ribs and the keeping of related records; mining in proximity to abandoned areas; equipment safety; inspection of underground equipment; self propelled equipment, pushing cars and riding cars; the operation of rail equipment, man trips and belts transporting miners; inspections of electrical equipment and repairs to circuits and electrical equipment; maintenance of firefighting equipment; duties in case of a fire; storage and use of flammable materials; preshift and onshift examinations; weekly examinations; mine fans; air volume; coursing air; excess methane; crosscuts; permanent stoppings; ventilation controls; abandoned areas; air quality; examinations for explosive gases and hazardous conditions; and reporting duties of mine foremen. Changes applicable to surface coal mining relate to: safety examinations; notification and reporting of certain events; safety measures related to equipment; transformers; and blasting practices.

The word "dangerous" is changed to "hazardous", the word "breakthrough" is changed to "crosscut" and the word "passageways" is changed to "travel ways" throughout (definitions for hazardous and travel way are provided). The current requirement that mineral miners be certified is delayed until January 1, 1997.

Sections dealing with roof bolts, the recovery of roof supports and switchboards are repealed.

This is emergency legislation.