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SB 1787 Motor vehicle insurance; compliance verification by DMV.

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Motor vehicle insurance; compliance verification. Requires motor vehicle insurance companies to report all required insurance information to the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) within 30 days of a policy change and to respond to all DMV requests for acknowledgment by confirming or denying the existence of an insurance policy within 15 days of receiving the request. The measure requires such insurers to report all necessary insurance information to the DMV electronically. The measure updates the types of policy updates and necessary data fields required to operate DMV's insurance verification process. The measure requires DMV to initiate the insurance verification process following receipt of a report that it processed an uninsured motorist claim involving an uninsured motor vehicle registered in Virginia. The measure provides that if a customer opts to surrender his license plates to DMV online or by telephone, he is not entitled to a partial refund of the cost of registration fees. The measure authorizes the DMV to dispense with a customer's suspension if a customer provides evidence that he was in compliance with Virginia's insurance laws. The measure renames the fee charged after a violation of Virginia's insurance laws from the uninsured motor vehicle fee to the noncompliance fee, increases the fee from $500 to $600, and directs the additional revenue to the DMV's special fund to be used for enhancements to DMV's insurance verification program. The measure also amends Virginia's installment payment program to (i) allow out-of-state individuals to apply for an installment payment plan; (ii) allow a customer to enter into a second installment payment plan after defaulting on the first plan; and (iii) authorize the Commissioner to extend an installment payment due date by up to 30 days when events outside of DMV's control adversely affect its ability to accept payment. An enactment clause requires DMV to report in 2024 to the General Assembly on the effectiveness of this measure in improving the insurance verification program. An enactment clause postpones the effective date of the provisions that require electronic filing of insurance information and update the types of data required to be provided by insurers. This bill is identical to HB 1867.