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HB 2653 Innovative Internship Fund and Program; created and established.

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Public institutions of higher education; innovation; Innovative Internship Fund and Program established. Permits any public institution of higher education to propose in conjunction with the six-year plan process, and the General Assembly to adopt by reference in the general appropriation act, an innovative proposal for a performance pilot that advances the objectives of the Virginia Higher Education Opportunity Act of 2011. The bill provides that the General Assembly may approve no more than six performance pilots per year.

An innovative proposal may include an institutional partnership performance agreement with mutually dependent commitments among the institution, the Commonwealth, and identified partners. A proposal shall align the strategies, activities, and investments of the institution, the Commonwealth, and any identified partners concerning college access, affordability, cost predictability, and employment pathways for undergraduate Virginia students and other priorities which may be set out in the general appropriation act. The bill contains provisions relating to mandatory and permissive contents of, the approval process for, and the legal effect of any performance agreement.

The bill establishes the Innovative Internship Fund (the Fund) to be used to fund the Innovative Internship Program (the Program). The Fund and the Program would be administered by the State Council of Higher Education for Virginia and would be used to expand internship or other work-based learning opportunities by providing institutional grants to facilitate the readiness of students, employers, and institutions of higher education. The bill requires the Council to establish eligibility criteria for grants. This bill is identical to SB 1628.