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  • HB 1 Scholastic records; prohibited access to directory information.
  • HB 2 Teacher licensure; reciprocity, spouses of Armed Forces members.
  • HB 3 Dual enrollment courses; quality, consistency, etc., of courses.
  • HB 22 Water and sewer connections; mandatory in Powhatan County.
  • HB 26 Pawnbrokers; allowable late fees.
  • HB 28 Voter registration list maintenance; due date of annual report.
  • HB 29 Budget Bill.
  • HB 30 Budget Bill.
  • HB 35 Juveniles; places of confinement.
  • HB 45 Family life education curricula; personal privacy and personal boundaries.
  • HB 48 Charitable solicitations; registration statement.
  • HB 50 School meal policies; each local school board required to adopt policies.
  • HB 52 Competency and sanity evaluations; location of evaluation.
  • HB 53 Persons acquitted by reason of insanity; evaluation.
  • HB 55 U.S. Route 501; increases max. speed limit between Town of South Boston & North Carolina state line.
  • HB 60 Goochland County; members to Board of Directors of Goochland County Economic Development Authority.
  • HB 61 Battlefields; entry into an agreement to transfer certain easements.
  • HB 62 Libraries, local and regional; boards not mandatory in Caroline County.
  • HB 63 Private security; compliance agent experience, surety bond.
  • HB 71 Constitutional amendment; real property tax exemption for spouse of disabled veteran.
  • HB 73 Speed limits; maximum speed on certain highways.
  • HB 77 Venue in criminal cases; concurrent jurisdiction, obsolete provisions.
  • HB 80 Teacher licensure by reciprocity; third-party verification of application documents.
  • HB 81 Division superintendents; vacancies appointment.
  • HB 82 Workers' compensation; Uninsured Employer's Fund, financing tax.
  • HB 83 Feminine hygiene products; no cost to female prisoners or inmates.
  • HB 84 American Sign Language, instruction in; academic credit, foreign language requirements.
  • HB 97 Virginia Public Procurement Act; methods of procurement, single or term contracts.
  • HB 101 Tradesmen; expiration date of licenses issued by Board for Contractors.
  • HB 110 Franchisees; status thereof and its employees as employees of the franchisor.
  • HB 114 Golf carts and utility vehicles on public highways; equine events.
  • HB 117 Workers' Compensation Commission; quorum.
  • HB 119 Merchants' capital tax; classification.
  • HB 123 Buchanan, Town of; amending charter, election of council member.
  • HB 124 Real property tax; Bedford County authorized to conduct general reassessment.
  • HB 125 Forest products, hauling; expands definition to include rough-sawn green lumber.
  • HB 128 Court order; motion or petition for rule to show cause for violation.
  • HB 129 Worker retraining tax credit; manufacturing instruction for students.
  • HB 134 Value engineering; raises minimum project cost.
  • HB 135 Dissemination of juvenile record information; emergency medical services agency applicants.
  • HB 139 Health insurance; physician reimbursements, credentialing.
  • HB 145 Search warrant for a tracking device; delivery of affidavit.
  • HB 146 Va. National Guard, Va. Defense Force, etc.; employment protections.
  • HB 150 Child abuse and neglect; founded reports regarding former school employees.
  • HB 151 Conservators of the peace, special; authority.
  • HB 153 Revolutionary War cemeteries and graves; disbursement of appropriated sums to maintain.
  • HB 154 Commonwealth's tax system; conformity with federal law, emergency.
  • HB 155 Opioids; location of clinic for treatment of addiction in Henrico Cty., City of Newport News, etc.
  • HB 158 House of Delegates and Senate districts; General Assembly authorized to make technical adjustments.
  • HB 161 Service districts; general government facilities may be constructed pursuant to power of districts.
  • HB 162 Proceeds of a sale, a partition suit, or condemnation proceeding; persons under a disability, etc.
  • HB 164 Contractors, Board for; prerequisites to obtaining a building permit.
  • HB 165 Higher educational institutions, public; loans to students, collection.
  • HB 166 Court records; recording by microphotographic or electronic process.
  • HB 167 Diploma seals; science, technology, engineering, and mathematics.
  • HB 170 Businesses; central filing of assumed or fictitious name, etc.
  • HB 175 Hospital licenses, certain; effective date.
  • HB 179 Public facilities; bonds issued for construction, municipal authority to retain certain tax revenue.
  • HB 181 Improper driving; use of handheld communication device while driving vehicle.
  • HB 183 Income tax return; notification of data breach, taxpayer identity information.
  • HB 188 Sentence reduction; substantial assistance to prosecution.
  • HB 190 Real property tax; boards of equalization.
  • HB 192 Rainwater and gray water; regulations.
  • HB 202 Court fines and costs; community service.
  • HB 206 Pawnbrokers; digital image of forms of identification.
  • HB 211 Ground water withdrawal permit term; lengthening to 15 years, permit fee.
  • HB 212 Conflict of Interests Act, State and Local Government; school boards and school board employees.
  • HB 214 Overweight permits; vehicles for hauling Virginia-grown farm produce over bridges and culverts.
  • HB 215 Teacher licensure; regulations governing licensure.
  • HB 220 Parks, local; waterway activities, liability.
  • HB 222 Income tax, corporate and state; modification for certain companies, grants.
  • HB 226 Patients; medically or ethically inappropriate care not required.
  • HB 227 Adoption by stepparent; background check.
  • HB 228 Virginia Public Records Act; records retained in electronic medium.
  • HB 231 County manager plan of government; popular election of school board.
  • HB 233 Arts and cultural districts; relocates an existing section related to creation of districts.
  • HB 234 Health insurance; synchronization of medications.
  • HB 235 Acceptability of electronic medium; record of criminal proceedings to appellate court.
  • HB 236 Parked vehicles; registration, licensing, and titling requirements, improper use.
  • HB 237 One-stop small business permitting program; extends sunset date.