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  • HB 1388 Enhanced Public Safety Telephone Services Act; implementation of 9-1-1 (NG9-1-1) services.
  • HB 1389 Community health worker; VDH to approve one or more entities to certify workers in the Commonwealth.
  • HB 1390 Food and beverage tax; counties to enact ordinances providing that bonds shall be paid from revenue.
  • HB 1391 Unemployment compensation; overtime compensation.
  • HB 1392 Judges; eligibility to serve.
  • HB 1393 Airbow hunting; authorized to hunt deer & small game when hunter is licensed to hunt w/bow & arrow.
  • HB 1394 Firearms show; list of vendors or exhibitors submitted to State Police.
  • HB 1395 Trooper Michael Walter Memorial Highway; designating as a portion of Route 13.
  • HB 1396 Certificate of public need; establishes freestanding diagnostic imaging center in Planning Dist.15.
  • HB 1397 Small Business Environmental Compliance Advisory Panel; Speaker appointments.
  • HB 1398 Concealed handgun permit; new application via mail.
  • HB 1399 Broadway, Town of; amending charter, November municipal elections.
  • HB 1400 Alcoholic beverage control; distiller licensee, commission for sales on licensed premises.
  • HB 1401 Naloxone; administration by correctional and probation officers.
  • HB 1402 Certificate of public need; definition of "medical care facility."
  • HB 1403 Electronic wills; requirements.
  • HB 1404 Snakehead fish; certified restaurants and retail markets.
  • HB 1405 Elections, State Board of; increases membership and terms appointment of Commissioner of Elections.
  • HB 1406 Towing and recovery operators; costs for towing and storing stolen vehicles.
  • HB 1407 Virginia Public Procurement Act; small business and microbusiness procurement enhancement program.
  • HB 1408 Virginia Fair Housing Law; unlawful discriminatory housing practices.
  • HB 1409 Charter; amending charter, school infrastructure.
  • HB 1410 Language development for children who are deaf or hard of hearing; assessment resources.
  • HB 1411 Virginia Fire Services Board; powers and duties.
  • HB 1412 Mental health awareness; training for firefighters and emergency medical services personnel.
  • HB 1413 Display or parking of used motor vehicles for sale; penalty.
  • HB 1414 Bear; increases special license fee.
  • HB 1415 Henrietta Lacks Commission; established.
  • HB 1416 Teacher licensure; trade and industrial waiver and career and technical license.
  • HB 1417 HOT lanes on Interstate 66; operating hours.
  • HB 1418 Correctional Officer Procedural Guarantee Act; created.
  • HB 1419 Public schools; instructional time for elementary school.
  • HB 1420 Virginia Fire Services Board; powers and duties.
  • HB 1421 Central Virginia Training Center; closure prohibited.
  • HB 1422 CBD oil and THC-A oil; certification for use, dispensing.
  • HB 1423 License plates, special; FIRST IN WINE.
  • HB 1424 Recounts; number permitted, tie votes.
  • HB 1425 Higher education; tuition waiver for dependent children of faculty.
  • HB 1426 Va. FOIA; excludes certain information held by board of visitors of The College of William & Mary.
  • HJ 131 Tamil New Year Day; designating as April 14, 2019, and each succeeding year thereafter.
  • HR 19 Commending the Salem High School football team.
  • SB 818 Transient occupancy tax; adds Rockingham County to list of counties that may impose.
  • SB 819 MEI Commission; clarifies annual report concerning endorsed incentive packages.
  • SB 820 Primary elections; voter registration by political party affiliation.
  • SB 821 New River Valley Emergency Communications Regional Authority; annual budget contribution.
  • SB 822 Delinquent taxes; collection of amounts due locality.
  • SB 823 Wireless support structures; public rights-of-way use fees established.
  • SB 824 Higher educational institutions, public; tuition and fee increases, notice to students and public.
  • SB 825 Elections, State Board of; increases membership, Commissioner of Elections to be member of Board.
  • SB 826 Constitutional amendment; legislative review of administrative rules.
  • SB 827 Courthouse and courtroom security; increases assessment to fund security.
  • SB 828 Damage or trespass to critical infrastructure or utilities; penalty.
  • SB 829 Military medical personnel program; personnel may practice under supervision of physician, etc.
  • SB 830 Virginia Open Data Initiative Act; created, report.
  • SB 831 Funeral services; acceptance of third-party-provided caskets.
  • SB 832 Prescription Monitoring Program; adds controlled substances included in Schedule V naloxone.
  • SB 833 Installation of a pen register or trap and trace device; emergency circumstances.
  • SB 834 Voter registration list maintenance; voters identified as registered in multiple states.
  • SB 835 Central Virginia Training Center; closure prohibited.
  • SB 836 Higher educational institutions, public; tuition and room and board.
  • SB 837 Electric utilities; retail competition.
  • SB 838 Virginia Conservation Police Review Board; created.
  • SB 839 Resident stickers; turns in certain residential areas.
  • SB 840 School meal policies; each local school board required to adopt policies.
  • SB 841 Truancy; procedures relating to intervention.
  • SB 842 Certificate of public need; medical equipment for MRI & CT scanning services in City of Winchester.
  • SB 843 Family life education; medically accurate information on human reproduction.
  • SB 844 Health insurance; individual coverage, short-term policies.
  • SB 845 Premium Security Plan; created, a state-based reinsurance program.
  • SJ 68 Constitutional amendment; criteria for electoral districts (first reference).
  • SJ 69 Constitutional amendment; legislative review of administrative rules.
  • SJ 70 Celebrating the life of Donald Williams, Sr.