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  • HB 423 Composite index of local ability-to-pay; use value of real estate in certain localities.
  • HB 424 Animal shelters; administration of Schedule VI biological products.
  • HB 425 Cruelty to animals; treatment for violations, ownership of animals.
  • HB 426 Careless driving; cause of injury to vulnerable road user, penalty.
  • HB 427 United States Senate; filling vacancies.
  • HB 428 Speed limits; minimum speed on certain highways.
  • HB 429 Certificate of public need; exempts establishment of certain ambulatory surgery centers in Danville.
  • HB 430 Law-enforcement officers; qualifications, psychological examination.
  • HB 431 Enterprise Zone Grant Program; designation of enterprise zone.
  • HB 432 Registration and titling of vehicles; photo identification required.
  • HB 433 Banks and credit unions; closure, appointment of receiver.
  • HB 434 Health insurance; coverage for proton therapy.
  • HB 435 Health insurance; expedited external review of adverse coverage decisions, cancer treatments.
  • HB 436 Electric utilities; mandatory renewable portfolio standard.
  • HB 437 Adoption and foster care; barrier crimes, exception.
  • HB 438 School boards, local, etc.; prohibits assisting person for new job if engaged in misconduct w/minor.
  • HB 439 Real Estate Board; licensees may assist in translation of real estate documents.
  • HB 440 Indigent defendants; public defender office, appointment of counsel.
  • HB 441 Police and court records; expungement, acquittals.
  • HB 442 Career and technical education credentials; testing accommodations for English language learners.
  • HB 443 High school graduation requirements; substitution of computer coding for foreign language credit.
  • HB 444 Parole Board; personal interviews of prisoners eligible for parole.
  • HB 445 School principals; incident reports.
  • HB 446 Drivers' license; driving on a suspended or revoked license, punishable as traffic infraction.
  • HB 447 Chesapeake Bay Preservation Areas; preservation of mature trees.
  • HB 448 Menstrual supplies; exempts certain supplies from sales and use tax.
  • HB 449 Voter registration; permitted up to and including election day.
  • HB 450 Abortion; informed written consent.
  • HJ 57 Commending Philip Alan Broadfoot.
  • HJ 58 Rail and Public Transportation, Department of; improved transportation services, report.
  • SJ 29 Standards of Quality; JLARC to study cost to implement.