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  • HB 311 Unlawful detainer, summons for; foreclosure.
  • HB 312 Special joint reapportionment committee; public hearings in 2018 on the redistricting process.
  • HB 313 Prescription Monitoring Program; prescriber and dispenser patterns, annual review, report.
  • HB 314 Lobbyist disclosure; out-of-state registration report.
  • HB 315 Death certificates; medical certification portion shall be filed electronically.
  • HB 316 Norfolk, City of; amending charter, appointment of officers, record of ordinances, etc.
  • HB 317 Teachers; extension of three-year provisional licenses.
  • HB 318 Teacher licensure by reciprocity; grace period.
  • HB 319 Virginia Preschool Initiative program; enrollment.
  • HB 320 Teachers; prerequisites for licensure or renewal of license.
  • HB 321 Real estate brokers & salespersons; cease & desist orders for unlicensed activity.
  • HB 322 Naloxone or other opioid antagonist; possession & administration.
  • HB 323 Personal injury; loss of consortium claims by certain relatives.
  • HB 324 Southwestern Virginia Training Center; closure of Center prohibited.
  • HB 325 Southwestern Va. Training Center & the Central Va. Training Center; closure prohibited.
  • HB 326 Child abuse and neglect; venue may lie where alleged abuse or neglect occurred, etc.
  • HB 327 Higher educational institutions, public; graduation requirements.
  • HB 328 Cancer patients; expedited external review of adverse coverage determinations.
  • HB 329 High school graduation requirements; course load.
  • HB 330 Public elementary and secondary school students; use of unscented topical sunscreen.
  • HB 331 Health insurance; plan for state and local government employees.
  • HB 332 State employee health insurance plan; coverage for proton therapy.
  • HB 333 Prescription Monitoring Program; requirements of prescribers, exceptions.
  • HB 334 Teachers; provisional licensure, grace period.
  • HB 335 Yorktown Victory Center; renamed the American Revolution Museum at Yorktown.
  • HB 336 Students with blindness or visual impairment; changes for special education programs.
  • HB 337 Employee Retirement Security & Pension Reform, Commission on; change in membership.
  • HB 338 Medicaid; Training, Education, Employment, and Opportunity Program for able-bodied adult recipients.
  • HB 339 Va. Debt Collection Act; public higher educational institutions, payment of student debt.
  • HB 340 Loudoun County; agreements for treasurer to collect and enforce real & personal property taxes.
  • HB 341 Cluster development; open space, stormwater management area.
  • HB 342 Peeping or spying into dwelling; penalty.
  • HB 343 Tuition, in-state; eligibility, certain individuals who have applied for permanent residency.
  • HB 344 Higher educational institutions, public; constitutionally protected speech, etc.
  • HB 345 Coastal Adaptation and Protection, Special Assistant to the Governor for; position created.
  • HB 346 Watercraft, personal; prohibits operation on lake smaller than 50 acres.
  • HB 347 SCHEV; longitudinal data to be disaggregated by degree program and level.
  • HB 348 Medical assistance; eligibility for state plan.
  • HB 349 Pupil information; military recruiters, opt-out.
  • HB 350 Full-day kindergarten program; implementation in school divisions.
  • HB 351 Higher educational institutions, public; tuition and room and board, enrollment.
  • HB 352 Virginia Highway Corporation Act of 1988; toll rate approval by State Corporation Commission.
  • HB 353 Handguns; limitation on purchases, penalty.
  • HB 354 School calendar; opening day of school year.
  • HB 355 Virginia Fuels Tax Act; refueling vehicles.
  • HB 356 Voter registration; notification of denial.
  • HB 357 Voting; ballots cast during court-ordered extended polling hours.
  • HB 358 Ground water management; subdivisions, technical evaluation.
  • HJ 40 State agencies & organizations; encouraging to help businesses employing workers under age 18.
  • HJ 41 Constitutional amendment; Transportation Funds (second reference).
  • HR 5 Indian tribes in Virginia, certain; memorizing United States Senate to federally recognize.
  • SB 229 School bus personnel; training program on autism spectrum disorders.
  • SB 230 Commonwealth's tax system; conformity with federal law, emergency.
  • SB 231 Capital outlay plan; updates six-year plan for projects.
  • SB 232 Commonwealth of Virginia Institutions of Higher Education Bond Act of 2018; created.
  • SB 233 Alcoholic beverage control; point-of-sale advertising limit.
  • SB 234 Autism Advisory Council; extends sunset provision.
  • SB 235 Certificate of public need; establishment of new ambulatory surgery center in Hampton Roads.
  • SB 236 Certificate of public need; establishing new ambulatory surgery center in Hampton Roads.
  • SB 237 Tuition, in-state; domicile, individuals currently granted Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals.
  • SB 238 Students; collection of demographic data, designation of race or ethnicity.
  • SB 239 Juvenile offenders; eligibility for parole.
  • SB 240 Minimum wage; increases to $8.00 per hour effective July 1, 2018.
  • SB 241 Va. Public Procurement Act; local labor use requirement for certain construction contracts.
  • SB 242 Park authority; immunity from liability in any civil action.
  • SJ 22 Celebrating the life of Ulmo Shannon Randle, Jr.
  • SJ 23 Celebrating the life of Arvil Buford Welcher.
  • SJ 24 Commending the Virginia Dual Language Educators Network.
  • SJ 25 Constitutional amendment; Virginia Redistricting Commission, criteria to redraw certain districts.
  • SJ 26 United States Constitution; application for a convention of the states, balancing federal budget.
  • SJ 27 Constitutional amendment; qualification of voters, restoration of civil rights.