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  • HB 129 Worker retraining tax credit; manufacturing instruction for students.
  • HB 130 Chief Resiliency Officer; Secretary of Public Safety and Homeland Security to designate.
  • HB 131 Health insurance; coverage for alternative pain management prescription drugs.
  • HB 132 Controlled substances containing opioids; limits on prescription.
  • HB 133 Employees; exclusions for home healthcare workers and home adult day care service providers.
  • HB 134 Value engineering; raises minimum project cost.
  • HB 135 Dissemination of juvenile record information; emergency medical services agency applicants.
  • HB 136 Alcoholic beverage control; annual mixed beverage special events licenses for museums.
  • HB 137 Marijuana; possession or distribution for medical purposes.
  • HB 138 Fornication; repeals crime.
  • HB 139 Health insurance; physician reimbursements, credentialing.
  • HB 140 Firearm transfers; criminal history record information checks, penalty.
  • HB 141 Police and court records; expungement of records, absolute pardon.
  • HB 142 Police and court records; expungement of records, pardons.
  • HB 143 Police and court records; expungement of records.
  • HB 144 Sex Offender and Crimes Against Minors Registry; removal of name and information from Registry.
  • HB 145 Search warrant for a tracking device; delivery of affidavit.
  • HB 146 Va. National Guard, Va. Defense Force, etc.; employment protections.
  • HB 147 FOIA; scholastic records, student handheld mobile telephone numbers, etc.
  • HB 148 Prescription Monitoring Program; requirements of prescribers, prescriptions for opioids.
  • HB 149 Child support order payee; change in physical custody of child, orders involving DSS.
  • HJ 13 Permitting process; localities encouraged to develop a more uniform and streamlined process.
  • SB 126 Driver education programs; parent/student driver education component.
  • SB 127 Chesapeake, City of; amending charter, director of audit services.
  • SB 128 TNC partner vehicles; interior trade dress.
  • SB 129 Subdivision ordinance; pro rata share of certain road improvements.
  • SB 130 Elections; removal and revision of several obsolete elections-related statutes.
  • SB 131 Voter registration; notice and public access not required for certain voter registration events.
  • SB 132 Sales and use tax revenue; distribution to certain localities.
  • SB 133 Abortion; informed written consent.
  • SJ 9 Constitutional amendment; qualifications of voters and the right to vote.