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  • HB 1 Scholastic records; prohibited access to directory information.
  • HB 3 Dual enrollment courses; quality, consistency, etc., of courses.
  • HB 29 Budget Bill.
  • HB 30 Budget Bill.
  • HB 129 Worker retraining tax credit; manufacturing instruction for students.
  • HB 151 Conservators of the peace, special; authority.
  • HB 153 Revolutionary War cemeteries and graves; disbursement of appropriated sums to maintain.
  • HB 181 Improper driving; use of handheld communication device while driving vehicle.
  • HB 188 Sentence reduction; substantial assistance to prosecution.
  • HB 220 Parks, local; waterway activities, liability.
  • HB 222 Income tax, corporate and state; modification for certain companies, grants.
  • HB 278 Compensation guardian ad litem appointed to represent a child; adjustment by the court.
  • HB 287 License plates, special; STOP GUN VIOLENCE.
  • HB 337 Employee Retirement Security & Pension Reform, Commission on; change in membership.
  • HB 345 Coastal Adaptation and Protection, Special Assistant to the Governor for; position created.
  • HB 371 Sexual harassment training; requirement for legislative branch.
  • HB 443 High school graduation requirements; substitution of computer coding for foreign language credit.
  • HB 454 Higher educational institutions, public; governing boards, open educational resources.
  • HB 482 Witness testimony; accompanied by certified facility dogs.
  • HB 483 Criminal Injuries Compensation Fund; restitution owed to victims.
  • HB 486 Alcoholic beverage control; granting of certain mixed beverage licenses.
  • HB 532 Hemp, industrial; research programs.
  • HB 571 Alcohol; unlawful consumption, purchase, or possession.
  • HB 638 Trespass; use of an unmanned aircraft system, penalty.
  • HB 640 Comprehensive plan, locality's; broadband infrastructure.
  • HB 661 Assault and battery against a family or household member; enhanced penalty.
  • HB 690 General registrars; residency requirement, exemption for counties or cities.
  • HB 709 Zoning; violation, penalties.
  • HB 757 Sex offenders in emergency shelters; notification registration.
  • HB 762 Claims; Danial J Williams, Joseph Jesse Dick, Jr., Eric Cameron Wilson, and Derek Elliot Tice.
  • HB 763 Revenue Reserve Fund; created, report.
  • HB 767 Elections; precincts not to be changed between certain dates.
  • HB 768 Motor vehicle fuels; sales tax in certain regions of the Commonwealth.
  • HB 769 Capital outlay plan; updates six-year plan for projects.
  • HB 796 Zoning; modification, etc., to property for persons with disabilities, board of zoning appeals.
  • HB 824 Short-term rentals; local ordinances regulating rentals in Cities of Lexington and Virginia Beach.
  • HB 877 Pet shops; sale of dogs, maintenance and availability of records.
  • HB 911 Automatic renewal offers and continuous service offers; penalties.
  • HB 934 Prisoners; medical and mental health treatment of those incapable of giving consent.
  • HB 986 Foster care and adoption; disclosure of information prior to placement.
  • HB 999 Telework Promotion & Broadband Assistance, Office of, & Broadband Advisory Council; expiration.
  • HB 1000 School boards; permitted to employ certain individuals.
  • HB 1008 Postrelease incarceration; violations of postrelease supervision.
  • HB 1010 Relief; Davis, Robert Paul.
  • HB 1055 Discretionary sentencing guidelines; judicial performance evaluation program, report.
  • HB 1086 Transportation District Commission of Hampton Roads; adds two legislative members to Commission.
  • HB 1087 Animal research; alternative test methods, civil penalty.
  • HB 1125 Teacher licensure; requirements for license, provisional license, etc.
  • HB 1142 Qualification of fiduciary without security; possession of assets, etc., by guardian, etc.
  • HB 1157 Substance-exposed infants; plan for services, report.
  • HB 1174 Newborn screening; screening for Pompe disease, etc.
  • HB 1249 DNA; analysis upon conviction of certain misdemeanors.
  • HB 1262 General Services, Department of; disposition of surplus motor vehicles.
  • HB 1297 Virginia-Israel Advisory Board; reorganizes as Virginia-Israel Advisory Authority.
  • HB 1324 Privileges & Elections, joint subcommittee of House & Senate Committees on; to review appointments.
  • HB 1333 Kinship Guardianship Assistance program; established.
  • HB 1343 Notaries; fee agreements with employer.
  • HB 1351 Joint legal, joint physical, or sole child custody; court shall consider and may award.
  • HB 1379 Alcoholic beverage control; records of retail licensees.
  • HB 1405 Elections, State Board of; increases membership and terms appointment of Commissioner of Elections.
  • HB 1419 Public schools; instructional time for elementary school.
  • HB 1440 Schedule I and Schedule II drugs; adds various drugs to lists.
  • HB 1469 Felony homicide; certain drug offenses constitute second degree murder, penalty.
  • HB 1482 Unmanned aircraft systems; use by public bodies, search warrant required, exception.
  • HB 1504 Virtual Virginia; enrollment in online learning program.
  • HB 1539 Mass transit; establishing various Funds to improve transportation.
  • HB 1540 Civic Education, Commission on; extends sunset provision.
  • HB 1558 Electric utility regulation; grid modernization, energy efficiency programs.
  • HB 1580 Violation of protective order or stalking; third or subsequent offense, penalty.
  • HB 1583 Commonwealth Broadband Chief Advisor; establishes position.
  • HJ 87 Interstate I-81; joint subcommittee to study adding additional lanes between Winchester and Bristol.
  • HJ 101 Energy storage devices; DMME to study use.
  • HJ 118 Independent living communities; Department of Social Services to study regulation of communities.
  • SB 49 Sex offenders in emergency shelters; notification registration.
  • SB 149 Outdoor amphitheater or concert venue; nonsmoking areas, penalty.
  • SB 177 Revolutionary War cemeteries and graves; disbursement of appropriated sums to maintain.
  • SB 231 Capital outlay plan; updates six-year plan for projects.
  • SB 265 Coastal Adaptation and Protection, Special Assistant to the Governor for; position created.
  • SB 273 Public schools; instructional time for elementary school.
  • SB 278 Eminent domain proceedings; distribution of funds to owner or owner's attorney.