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  • HB 1 Scholastic records; prohibited access to directory information.
  • HB 2 Teacher licensure; reciprocity, spouses of Armed Forces members.
  • HB 3 Dual enrollment courses; quality, consistency, etc., of courses.
  • HB 4 Case management system; public accessibility.
  • HB 5 Campaign finance; prohibited personal use, penalty.
  • HB 6 Security freezes; elimination of fees.
  • HB 7 Campaign finance; prohibited personal use.
  • HB 8 Public procurement; agreements with labor organizations.
  • HB 9 Safety restraints; all occupants of motor vehicles required to utilize.
  • HB 10 Hate crimes; criminal acts against persons because of gender, etc.
  • HB 11 Tuition, in-state; domicile, individuals currently granted Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals.
  • HB 12 Temporary driver's licenses, permits, etc.; DMV authorized to issue to certain aliens.
  • HB 13 Instructional positions; students identified as having limited English proficiency.
  • HB 14 Dogs or cats; public animal shelters required to notify intent to euthanize.
  • HB 15 Student discipline, alternative; assault and battery without bodily injury.
  • HB 16 Motor vehicle and fire insurance; use of credit information.
  • HB 17 Grand larceny; increases threshold amount.
  • HB 18 Transient occupancy tax; removes sunset date from Arlington County's authority to impose.
  • HB 19 Tuition, in-state; eligibility, certain individuals who have applied for permanent residency, etc.
  • HB 20 Fair Repair Act; access to diagnostics, tools, services documentation, and firmware, penalties.
  • HB 21 Reproductive health services; health benefit plans to cover costs of certain services.
  • HB 22 Water and sewer connections; mandatory in Powhatan County.
  • HB 23 Red Tape Reduction Commission; created, review of regulatory requirements, report.
  • HB 24 Retail Sales and Use Tax; exemption for menstrual supplies.
  • HB 25 Retail Sales and Use Tax; exemption for menstrual supplies.
  • HB 26 Pawnbrokers; allowable late fees.
  • HB 27 Vehicle inspection sticker; location on vehicle.
  • HB 28 Voter registration list maintenance; due date of annual report.
  • HB 29 Budget Bill.
  • HB 30 Budget Bill.
  • HB 31 Profane swearing or cursing in public; eliminates crime.
  • HB 32 Hate crimes; reporting to State Police.
  • HB 33 Electric utility regulation; approval of generating facilities.
  • HB 34 Railroads; freight train crew requirements, civil penalty.
  • HB 35 Juveniles; places of confinement.
  • HB 36 School calendar; opening day of school year.
  • HB 37 Wages; cause of action against an employer for nonpayment.
  • HB 38 School calendar; opening day of school year.
  • HB 39 Minimum wage, local alternative; establishes procedure by which wage may be imposed in any locality.
  • HB 40 Family and Medical Leave Insurance Program; established, effective clause.
  • HB 41 Firearms; mechanical devices designed to increase rate of fire, penalty.
  • HB 42 Suicide; abolishes common-law crime.
  • HB 43 Firearms; reporting when lost or stolen.
  • HB 44 High school family life education curricula; law and meaning of consent.
  • HB 45 Family life education curricula; personal privacy and personal boundaries.
  • HB 46 Tuition, in-state; certain residents of United States territories.
  • HB 47 Payday Lending Prohibition Act; penalties.
  • HB 48 Charitable solicitations; registration statement.
  • HB 49 Health benefit plans; sale by authorized foreign health insurers.
  • HB 50 School meal policies; each local school board required to adopt policies.
  • HB 51 Evidentiary hearings in the Supreme Court of Virginia; Judicial Inquiry and Review Commission.
  • HB 52 Competency and sanity evaluations; location of evaluation.
  • HB 53 Persons acquitted by reason of insanity; evaluation.
  • HB 54 Renewable energy property; tax credit for property placed in service.
  • HB 55 U.S. Route 501; increases max. speed limit between Town of South Boston & North Carolina state line.
  • HB 56 Crab scraping; possession of hard crabs, characteristics of scrape.
  • HB 57 Absentee voting; no excuse.
  • HB 58 State agencies; use of light-emitting diodes (LEDs) on outdoor lighting fixtures.
  • HB 59 Transportation, Department of; use of practical design methods.
  • HB 60 Goochland County; members to Board of Directors of Goochland County Economic Development Authority.
  • HB 61 Battlefields; entry into an agreement to transfer certain easements.
  • HB 62 Libraries, local and regional; boards not mandatory in Caroline County.
  • HB 63 Private security; compliance agent experience, surety bond.
  • HB 64 Local regulation; making of fires.
  • HB 65 Individuals released from incarceration for conviction of a felony; tax credits for employing.
  • HB 66 Health insurance; credits for retired school division employees.
  • HB 67 Virginia Human Rights Act; pregnancy, childbirth, or related medical conditions, causes of action.
  • HB 68 Firearms; libraries owned or operated by localities.
  • HB 69 Virginia Grocery Investment Program and Fund; created, report.
  • HB 70 Immunity of employers; employees and independent contractors convicted of a nonviolent offense.
  • HB 71 Constitutional amendment; real property tax exemption for spouse of disabled veteran.
  • HB 72 Statewide prioritization process project selection; cost of project to be considered.
  • HB 73 Speed limits; maximum speed on certain highways.
  • HB 74 Early voting; any registered voter allowed to vote early in any election in which he is qualified.
  • HB 75 Same-sex marriages; civil unions.
  • HB 76 Political campaign advertisements; disclosure requirements, advertisements placed, etc.
  • HB 77 Venue in criminal cases; concurrent jurisdiction, obsolete provisions.
  • HB 78 Professional and Occupational Regulation, Department of; waiver of first-time licensing fees.
  • HB 79 Dog boarding establishments; group play requirements, penalty.
  • HB 80 Teacher licensure by reciprocity; third-party verification of application documents.