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Senate Committee on Education and Health
Subcommittee Health

Cosgrove (Chairman), Black, Barker, Lewis, Suetterlein

Clerk: Patty Lung, Rhonda Johnson
Staff: Thomas Stevens
Date of Meeting: February 7, 2017
Time and Place: 4:00 p.m. - 3rd Floor East
Corrected Time/Place

H.B. 1567

Patron: Orrock

Medicaid applications; information about advance directives. Requires all entities approved by the Board of Medical Assistance Services to receive applications and to determine eligibility for medical assistance to provide each applicant for medical assistance with information about advance directives pursuant to Article 8 (§§54.1-2981 et seq.) of Chapter 29 of Title 54.1, including information about the purpose and benefits of advance directives and how the applicant may make an advance directive.

H.B. 1615

Patron: Tyler

Chief Medical Examiner; appointment, terms,and authority of medical examiners. Provides that the Chief Medical Examiner may appoint a medical examiner for each county or city in the Commonwealth. Under current law, the Chief Medical Examiner is required to do so. The bill authorizes appointed medical examiners to assist the Office of the Chief Medical Examiner with cases requiring medicolegal death investigations. Finally, the bill clarifies that the appointment of a medical examiner to fill a vacancy is not required to start on October 1 of the year of appointment, and the term length of such appointment is for the unexpired term.

H.B. 1625

Patron: Robinson

Mobile food units; licenses. Directs the Department of Health to issue a license in the form of a sticker to a restaurant that is a mobile food unit that meets the requirements for licensure and requires the licensee to prominently display the license on the mobile food unit.

H.B. 1728

Patron: Ransone

Department of Health; review rules governing dispatch and use of air transportation services providers in emergency medical situations. Directs the Department of Health to convene a work group to review the rules governing use of air transportation services, also known as air ambulances, in emergency medical situations and protocols for the dispatch of air transportation services in response to emergency medical situations and to provide recommendations for changes to such rules or protocols. The Department shall report its findings and recommendations to the Governor and the General Assembly by December 1, 2017.

H.B. 1798

Patron: O'Bannon

Donation of organs by persons infected with human immunodeficiency virus. Allows for the donation of organs by persons infected with human immunodeficiency virus when (i) the recipient of such organ is informed that such organ is infected with human immunodeficiency virus and, following such notice, consents to the receipt of such organ and (ii) acquisition and transplantation of such organ is in compliance with the provisions of the HIV Organ Policy Equity Act, 42 U.S.C. 274f-5.

H.B. 1840

Patron: Stolle

Confidentiality of tests for human immunodeficiency virus; release of information. Clarifies that information about the results of tests to determine infection with human immunodeficiency virus shall be released only to persons or entities permitted or authorized to obtain protected health information under any applicable federal or state law.

H.B. 1846

Patron: Cox

Death certificates; filing. Provides that a non-electronically filed death certificate may be filed in any registration district in the Commonwealth. Under current law, death certificates are required to be filed in the district in which the death occurs.

H.B. 2072

Patron: Watts

Nursing home family councils; rights of family members. Provides that rights of a nursing home resident's family to meet in the facility with the families of other residents of the facility by attending meetings of the family council shall not be restricted.