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Labor and Employment
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  • HB 1394 Franchisees; status thereof and its employees as employees of the franchisor.
  • HB 1444 Minimum wage; increases minimum wage from its current federally mandated level.
  • HB 1445 Wages and salaries; eliminates payment by prepaid cards, etc., without employee's consent.
  • HB 1771 Minimum wage.
  • HB 1868 Child labor; tobacco farms.
  • HB 1872 State employee health insurance plan; coverage for vision therapy.
  • HB 1883 Occupational safety and health laws; increases maximum amount of civil penalties.
  • HB 1980 Virginia Employment Commission; jobs reports.
  • HB 2106 Workforce Development, Virginia Board of; revises composition of Board.
  • HB 2190 Wage or salary history; inquiries prohibited, civil penalty.
  • HB 2202 Employment; abusive work environment.
  • HB 2210 Employment; break to express breast milk.
  • HB 2283 Wages; cause of action against an employer for nonpayment.
  • HB 2309 Minimum wage; increases wage to $11 per hour effective July 1, 2017.
  • HB 2413 Apprentice agreements; ratio of apprentices to journeymen.
  • HB 2419 Call centers; relocation to a foreign country.
  • HB 2428 Workforce Transition Act; eligibility.
  • HJ 679 Study; Joint Committee to Study the Future of Public Elementary and Secondary Education.
  • SB 785 Minimum wage; increases wage from its current level to $8.00 per hour effective July 1, 2017.
  • SB 824 Sick leave for employees; private employers to give to each full-time employee paid sick days, etc.
  • SB 847 Paid family leave; Commissioner of Labor and Industry to develop an implementation plan for program.
  • SB 952 False statements to members of the General Assembly; state employees and appointees.
  • SB 978 Minimum wage.
  • SB 988 Virginia Employment Commission; population projections.
  • SB 1080 Equal pay irrespective of sex.
  • SB 1100 New Economy Workforce Credential Grant Program; reporting by SCHEV on Program.
  • SB 1412 Adoption; leave benefit.
  • SB 1504 Virginia Health Workforce Development Authority; career pathway.
  • SB 1539 Chief Workforce Development Advisor; responsibilities.
  • SJ 247 Study; JLARC to review total compensation to employees of the Commonwealth; report.