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  • HB 1392 School security officers; carrying a firearm in performance of duties.
  • HB 1400 Virginia Virtual School Board; established, report.
  • HB 1401 Higher educational institutions; speech on campus.
  • HB 1408 Student vision screenings; requirements for certain students.
  • HB 1414 Standards of Learning; DOE to review multipart assessment questions, partial credit, etc.
  • HB 1417 School buses; requirements of drivers approaching or immediately preceding a bus.
  • HB 1421 High school graduation; standard diploma, career and technical education credential, exception.
  • HB 1434 Tuition Assistance Grant Program; eligible institutions, student speech and expression.
  • HB 1437 Public school students; sight and hearing testing, exceptions.
  • HB 1462 Voter identification; accepted forms of identification.
  • HB 1469 Concealed handguns; authorization and training for persons designated to carry on school property.
  • HB 1490 School board members who are called to active duty; appointment of acting school board members.
  • HB 1498 School boards; assignment of teachers, class size limits.
  • HB 1534 Student discipline; long-term suspension.
  • HB 1535 Public schools; student discipline.
  • HB 1536 Student discipline; suspension or expulsion of students in preschool through grade five.
  • HB 1552 Career and technical education; notification by school board to students and parents of programs.
  • HB 1561 Public school buses; seat belts.
  • HB 1578 Students who receive home instruction; participation in interscholastic programs (Tebow Bill).
  • HB 1605 Virginia Parental Choice Education Savings Accounts; established, report.
  • HB 1607 High school graduation; verified credit, locally selected, recognized academic assessments.
  • HB 1660 Va. history & U.S. Constitution; Federalist Papers are required to be taught & explained to student.
  • HB 1663 Northern Va. Community College, et al.; computer science training, etc., for public school teachers.
  • HB 1672 Coalfield region public education tax credit.
  • HB 1690 Virginia Preschool Initiative; local matching funds.
  • HB 1705 Certification of driver education courses; requirements.
  • HB 1708 Standards of Accreditation; industry certification credentials obtained by high school students.
  • HB 1709 School boards; policies and procedures prohibiting bullying, parental notification.
  • HB 1718 Civics Education, Commission on; renamed Commission on Civic Education, extends sunset provision.
  • HB 1757 School personnel; staffing ratios; school nurses.
  • HB 1764 Regional school boards; full-time virtual school programs.
  • HB 1770 Teacher licensure; career and technical education, certain local waivers.
  • HB 1805 School divisions, certain; development of plan to fund and phase in full-day kindergarten.
  • HB 1807 Teacher grievance procedures; hearing, three-member fact-finding panel.
  • HB 1828 School attendance officer; powers and duties.
  • HB 1829 Teacher licensure; certification or training in emergency first aid, etc., hands-on practice.
  • HB 1837 Private certified preschool or nursery school programs; licensure exemptions.
  • HB 1838 Neighborhood Assistance Act tax credits; process of allocating credits.
  • HB 1839 School principals; incident reports.
  • HB 1843 Principals; student discipline, alternatives to referring incidents.
  • HB 1873 Children from birth to age five who are deaf, deaf-blind, or hard-of-hearing; parent resource.
  • HB 1886 Higher educational institutions, public; admission of certain undergraduate students.
  • HB 1887 Higher educational institutions; tuition assistance for non-Virginia students.
  • HB 1888 Wireless telecommunications devices; use by persons driving school buses.
  • HB 1895 Virginia Student Loan Refinancing Authority; established, refinancing loan guaranty program.
  • HB 1907 School security officers; authorized to carry a firearm.
  • HB 1914 School board members; criminal background checks.
  • HB 1915 Student loan servicers; student loan ombudsman.
  • HB 1916 Virginia Student Loan Authority; established, report.
  • HB 1923 Virtual Virginia; availability to all public middle and high schools.
  • HB 1924 Public schools; suspensions.
  • HB 1949 Initial licensure fee waiver for certain teachers.
  • HB 1959 Student internships; tax credit to an employer for each intern hired.
  • HB 1963 Education improvement scholarships tax credit; pre-kindergarten eligibility.
  • HB 1966 Education improvement scholarships tax credit; eligibility & benefits for certain students.
  • HB 1981 School Divisions of Innovation; definition, regulatory provisions.
  • HB 1982 Graduation requirements; verified units of credit, satisfactory score on the PSAT examination.
  • HB 1983 School calendar; opening day of school year.
  • HB 2004 Higher educational institutions, public; annual executive summary.
  • HB 2007 Students who receive home instruction; dual enrollment courses.
  • HB 2011 Discrimination; separation of the sexes.
  • HB 2014 Standards of quality; biennial review by Board of Education.
  • HB 2015 DRIVE SMART Virginia Education Fund; created.
  • HB 2031 School calendar; opening day of the school year.
  • HB 2040 Postsecondary schools; enrollment agreement with each student.
  • HB 2052 School boards; additional funding for qualified instructional and support personnel.
  • HB 2054 High school graduation and dropout data; formula, on-time graduation.
  • HB 2075 Commercial driver's license; instruction in comprehensive community colleges.
  • HB 2082 Standards of quality; biennial review by Board of Education.
  • HB 2089 School boards, local; lead testing of potable water in schools.
  • HB 2140 Teachers turnover; exit questionnaire.
  • HB 2141 Public education; Board of Education to report on condition and needs.
  • HB 2142 High school graduation; delays by one year implementation of redesigned requirements.
  • HB 2173 Science laboratory classes; establishes a maximum class size of 24 students in grades 6 through 12.
  • HB 2174 School boards; annual report on pupil/teacher ratios in elementary, middle, etc., school classrooms.
  • HB 2191 School boards; procedures for handling sexually explicit instructional materials, etc.
  • HB 2195 School attendance officer; powers and duties.
  • HB 2205 Students with blindness or visual impairments; changes to certain provisions.
  • HB 2218 Public charter school applications and charter agreements; review by the Board of Education.
  • HB 2232 Child day programs; exemptions from licensure.