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Criminal Procedure
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  • HB 1392 School security officers; carrying a firearm in performance of duties.
  • HB 1411 Privately retained counsel; rules and regulations, client's failure to pay.
  • HB 1441 Incapacitated persons; expands class of victims of crime of financial exploitation.
  • HB 1511 Presentence reports.
  • HB 1513 Personal appearance by two-way electronic video and audio communication.
  • HB 1522 Death penalty; severe mental illness.
  • HB 1524 Special conservators of the peace; liability insurance, etc.
  • HB 1545 Criminal cases; delayed appeals, assignments of errors dismissed in part.
  • HB 1546 Jurors; confidentiality of name and home address.
  • HB 1560 Procedure when aliens convicted of certain felonies; forms.
  • HB 1568 Child care providers; applicant criminal history background checks, penalty.
  • HB 1579 Defendants; transportation order from correctional facility.
  • HB 1602 Invasion of privacy; civil action, damages, attorney fees and costs.
  • HB 1609 Nurse practitioner as expert witness; scope of activities.
  • HB 1613 Testimony of law-enforcement officer; failure of body-worn camera.
  • HB 1614 Motor Vehicles, Department of; disclosure of photographs, search warrant.
  • HB 1621 Preliminary hearing; certification of ancillary misdemeanors, fees and costs.
  • HB 1634 State agencies; criminal background checks for certain positions, annual report to DHRM.
  • HB 1647 Presentence report; waiver by defendant.
  • HB 1655 Sentencing guidelines; appeals.
  • HB 1704 Grand larceny and certain property crimes; increases threshold amount of money taken, etc.
  • HB 1713 Nonconfidential court records; secure remote access, date of birth verification.
  • HB 1758 Firearms; removal from persons posing substantial risk, penalties.
  • HB 1765 Circuit court; failure to appear in accordance with condition of bail, etc.
  • HB 1811 Unlawful detainer; initial hearings on a summons, etc.
  • HB 1812 Presentence reports; access by work release programs.
  • HB 1845 Model addiction recovery program; DCJS, et al., to develop.
  • HB 1852 Concealed handguns; protective orders.
  • HB 1853 Victims of domestic violence, etc.; firearms safety or training course.
  • HB 1855 Court-ordered restitution; form order, enforcement, noncompliance, etc.
  • HB 1856 Restitution; supervised probation.
  • HB 1862 Driver's license; suspension for nonpayment of fines or costs.
  • HB 1874 Search warrants; customer records from financial institutions.
  • HB 1882 Capital cases; replacing certain terminology.
  • HB 1894 DCJS training standards; community engaged policing.
  • HB 1896 Victim and witness assistance programs; DCJS to develop guidelines.
  • HB 1908 Police and court records; expungement of records.
  • HB 1912 Absentee voting; eligibility of persons granted protective order.
  • HB 1951 Criminal Justice Services Board and its Committee on Training; citizen membership.
  • HB 1975 Temporary detention; minimum time period.
  • HB 1996 Incompetent defendants; psychiatric treatment.
  • HB 1997 Warrantless arrest for misdemeanor; transportation to crisis stabilization unit.
  • HB 2036 Tow truck drivers; exempts registration with DCJS, exceptions.
  • HB 2039 Child pornography; discretionary sentencing guideline midpoints for possession.
  • HB 2044 Protective orders; possession of firearms, felony.
  • HB 2062 Law-enforcement officer; definition, municipal park rangers training.
  • HB 2066 National Crime Prevention and Privacy Compact of 1998; criminal history record information.
  • HB 2067 Law-enforcement officers; decertification, notification.
  • HB 2073 Virginia Consumer Protection Act; adds certain fraud crimes.
  • HB 2083 Restitution; modification of terms and conditions of payment plan.
  • HB 2084 Search warrants; person subject to arrest.
  • HB 2085 Petition for writ of actual innocence.
  • HB 2086 Writ of actual innocence; basis on nonbiological evidence, untested evidence.
  • HB 2087 Sentencing guidelines; written explanation.
  • HB 2097 HIV or hepatitis B or C virus; testing for infection, order of magistrate.
  • HB 2099 Officer-involved shootings; model policy for investigations, disclosure of report.
  • HB 2117 Law-enforcement agencies, local; body-worn cameras.
  • HB 2118 Officer-involved deaths; community-policing programs and training standards.
  • HB 2127 Victims of sexual assault; rights of victims, physical evidence recovery kits.
  • HB 2134 Law-enforcement agencies, local; body-worn cameras.
  • HB 2157 Family abuse protective order; third or subsequent violation of order.
  • HB 2184 Inmates; inpatient psychiatric hospital admission.
  • HB 2187 Firearm transfers; criminal history record information checks required, penalty.
  • HB 2197 Unmanned aircraft systems; creates a civil cause of action for invasion of privacy, etc.
  • HB 2217 Address confidentiality program; victims of sexual violence and human trafficking.
  • HB 2240 Victims of crime; right to nondisclosure of certain information.
  • HB 2259 Child day programs; certain programs exempted from licensure.
  • HB 2322 Criminal Justice Services Board; citizen membership.
  • HB 2323 Public employment; inquiries by state agencies and localities regarding criminal convictions.
  • HB 2328 Persons allowed services without fees or costs; inability to pay on account of poverty, guidelines.
  • HB 2329 Capitol Police, Division of; arrest without warrant.
  • HB 2330 Inpatient psychiatric hospital admission; defendant found incompetent.
  • HB 2333 Multi-jurisdiction grand jury; certain fraud crimes.
  • HB 2334 Fraud crimes, certain; forfeiture of motor vehicle.
  • HB 2338 Restitution; priority of payments.
  • HB 2339 Probation violations; intermediate sanctions.
  • HB 2362 Tow truck drivers; issuance of temporary registration by Department of Criminal Justice Services.
  • HB 2386 Unpaid court fines, etc.; increases grace period for collection.
  • HB 2391 Personnel Management Information System; state agency positions designated as sensitive.
  • HB 2399 Hate crimes; adds to list of crimes that a multi-jurisdiction grand jury may investigate.