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Commissions, Boards and Institutions Generally
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  • HB 1399 Elections, State Board of, and local electoral boards; appointments, proportion of political party.
  • HB 1400 Virginia Virtual School Board; established, report.
  • HB 1453 Naloxone; dispensing for use in opioid overdose reversal, etc.
  • HB 1467 Neonatal abstinence syndrome; Board of Health to adopt regulations to include as reportable disease.
  • HB 1471 Reinsurance credits; SCC authorized to adopt certain regulations.
  • HB 1474 Dental hygienist; remote supervision.
  • HB 1475 Common Interest Community Board; information on covenants, association disclosure packets.
  • HB 1483 BHDS, Board of; regulations governing licensure of providers.
  • HB 1484 Occupational therapists; Board of Medicine shall amend regulations governing licensure.
  • HB 1494 Driver's license; examination of drivers believed incompetent.
  • HB 1496 Oyster planting grounds; Marine Resources Commission to post.
  • HB 1503 Membership in Multistate Tax Commission.
  • HB 1517 Sandbridge Beach; general permit for sand Subdivision.
  • HB 1533 Required immunizations; meningococcal conjugate.
  • HB 1541 Board of Nursing; powers and duties.
  • HB 1561 Public school buses; seat belts.
  • HB 1564 Planning & Budget, Department of; establishment of Div. of Regulatory Management & Red Tape Comm.
  • HB 1566 Professions and occupations; active supervision of regulatory boards, definitions, report.
  • HB 1572 Marine Resources Commission; registration as commercial fisherman.
  • HB 1573 Fishing privileges; revocation of license by MRC.
  • HB 1577 Management of menhaden.
  • HB 1592 Comprehensive community colleges; academic credit.
  • HB 1607 High school graduation; verified credit, locally selected, recognized academic assessments.
  • HB 1619 Watershed general permit; nutrient discharge, review of allocations by State Water Control Board.
  • HB 1653 Virginia Code Commission; duties.
  • HB 1659 Workers' compensation; employer's lien, third party actions.
  • HB 1680 Marine Resources Commission; advisory committees.
  • HB 1703 Electric and natural gas utilities; energy efficiency goals.
  • HB 1708 Standards of Accreditation; industry certification credentials obtained by high school students.
  • HB 1715 Virginia Highway Corporation Act of 1988; powers of State Corporation Commission.
  • HB 1716 Alzheimer's Disease and Related Disorders Commission; extends sunset provision.
  • HB 1718 Civics Education, Commission on; renamed Commission on Civic Education, extends sunset provision.
  • HB 1721 Community Colleges, State Board for; reduced rate tuition and mandatory fee charges.
  • HB 1731 Joint Commission on Administrative Rules; periodic review of exemptions.
  • HB 1734 Virginia Parole Board; exceptions to the Virginia Freedom of Information Act (FOIA).
  • HB 1736 Joint Commission on Health Care; sunset.
  • HB 1766 Utility Facilities Act; associated facilities of an electrical transmission line.
  • HB 1777 Hospitals providing psychiatric services; denials of admission.
  • HB 1782 Corrections, State Board of; membership, powers and duties, review of deaths of inmates.
  • HB 1796 Oyster grounds; dredging projects in Lynnhaven River.
  • HB 1831 Prioritization of statewide transportation projects; exceptions.
  • HB 1860 Aboveground storage tanks; State Water Control Board to regulate, civil and criminal penalties.
  • HB 1870 Deleterious substances; discharge into state waters.
  • HB 1871 Administrative Process Act; review of regulations by Joint Commission on Administrative Rules.
  • HB 1881 Virginia Highway Corporation Act of 1988; toll rate approval by State Corporation Commission.
  • HB 1893 Youth-controlled online businesses; registered office.
  • HB 1924 Public schools; suspensions.
  • HB 1926 ABC; definition of municipal golf course, food sales exemptions.
  • HB 1937 Professions and occupations; active supervision of regulatory boards.
  • HB 1951 Criminal Justice Services Board and its Committee on Training; citizen membership.
  • HB 1973 Economic Development Access Program; bonded projects.
  • HB 1979 Contractors, Board for; exemptions, responsibility for contracting with unlicensed person.
  • HB 1980 Virginia Employment Commission; jobs reports.
  • HB 2012 Stormwater; failed best management practice.
  • HB 2014 Standards of quality; biennial review by Board of Education.
  • HB 2029 Alcoholic beverage control; privileges of licensed distillers appointed as agents of ABC Board.
  • HB 2030 Food products; sale at farmers market, farm, or home.
  • HB 2045 Property Owners' Association Act; designation of authorized representative by seller.
  • HB 2046 Unused dispensed drugs; guidelines for provision of counseling and information on proper disposal.
  • HB 2054 High school graduation and dropout data; formula, on-time graduation.
  • HB 2067 Law-enforcement officers; decertification, notification.
  • HB 2076 State Water Control Board; stormwater management programs, regulations, professional license.
  • HB 2078 Alcoholic beverage control; annual mixed beverage performing arts facility license.
  • HB 2079 Firearms; selling, bartering, etc., to persons not lawfully present in United States, penalty.
  • HB 2082 Standards of quality; biennial review by Board of Education.
  • HB 2093 Local Government, Commission on; estimated fiscal impact on a locality of relocated refugees.
  • HB 2095 Peer recovery specialists and qualified mental health professionals; registration.
  • HB 2103 Health insurance; benefit exchange.
  • HB 2106 Workforce Development, Virginia Board of; revises composition of Board.
  • HB 2107 Health Insurance Reform Commission; assessment sent to Bureau of Insurance.
  • HB 2110 State Corporation Commission; business entity fees.
  • HB 2111 State Corporation Commission; charges for copies.
  • HB 2112 Electric utilities; community renewable projects.
  • HB 2141 Public education; Board of Education to report on condition and needs.
  • HB 2145 DPOR; regulation of land surveyor photogrammetrists.
  • HB 2160 Virginia Interim Redistricting Commission; criteria for remedial redistricting plans.
  • HB 2167 Opioids and buprenorphine; Boards of Dentistry and Medicine to adopt regulations for prescribing.
  • HB 2177 Administrative Process Act; exemption for Charitable Gaming Board.
  • HB 2211 Tobacco Indemnification and Community Revitalization Fund; investments of assets.
  • HB 2218 Public charter school applications and charter agreements; review by the Board of Education.