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Administration of Government
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  • HB 1400 Virginia Virtual School Board; established, report.
  • HB 1472 Conflict of Interests Act, State and Local Government; prohibited contracts, exceptions.
  • HB 1490 School board members who are called to active duty; appointment of acting school board members.
  • HB 1500 Budget Bill.
  • HB 1530 Small Business and Supplier Diversity, Department of; certification programs for certain businesses.
  • HB 1539 Virginia Freedom of Information Act; public access to records of public bodies.
  • HB 1540 Virginia Freedom of Information Act; public access to meetings of public bodies.
  • HB 1547 Historical African American cemeteries/graves; disbursement of funds appropriated for preservation.
  • HB 1551 Commitment hearings; sharing of records and information.
  • HB 1555 Agency directors; human resource training and agency succession planning.
  • HB 1564 Planning & Budget, Department of; establishment of Div. of Regulatory Management & Red Tape Comm.
  • HB 1591 Virginia Economic Development Partnership Authority; site and building assessment program, etc.
  • HB 1596 Virginia Public Procurement Act; public works contracts, prevailing wage provisions.
  • HB 1612 Physical Privacy Act; created.
  • HB 1624 Host Cities Economic Development Incentive and Host Cities Transportation Support Funds.
  • HB 1634 State agencies; criminal background checks for certain positions, annual report to DHRM.
  • HB 1642 Naloxone or other opioid antagonist; possession and administration.
  • HB 1657 Government Data Collection and Dissemination Practices Act; license plate readers.
  • HB 1664 SCHEV; collection and publication of wage data.
  • HB 1666 Speed monitoring systems; locality may, by ordinance, establish.
  • HB 1667 Public contracts; gender identity, civil liability.
  • HB 1669 Gas severance tax.
  • HB 1678 FOIA; trade secrets submitted to the Department of Mines, Minerals and Energy.
  • HB 1693 Virginia Public Procurement Act; contracts for architectural and engineering services.
  • HB 1727 State and Local Government Conflict of Interests Act; school boards and school board employees.
  • HB 1731 Joint Commission on Administrative Rules; periodic review of exemptions.
  • HB 1734 Virginia Parole Board; exceptions to the Virginia Freedom of Information Act (FOIA).
  • HB 1752 Virginia Economic Development Partnership Authority (VEDP); grants and other economic incentives.
  • HB 1790 Administrative Process Act; development and periodic review of regulations, report.
  • HB 1799 Controlled substances; use of FDA-approved substance upon publication of final rule, etc.
  • HB 1808 Virginia Public Procurement Act; use of best value contracting.
  • HB 1821 Regulatory Management, Division of; created within Department of Planning and Budget, report.
  • HB 1841 Virginia Veteran Entrepreneurship Grant Program and Fund.
  • HB 1853 Victims of domestic violence, etc.; firearms safety or training course.
  • HB 1854 Conflicts of Interests Acts, State & Local Government & General Assembly, lobbyist; filing.
  • HB 1858 Small Business and Supplier Diversity, Department of; certification of certain businesses.
  • HB 1871 Administrative Process Act; review of regulations by Joint Commission on Administrative Rules.
  • HB 1872 State employee health insurance plan; coverage for vision therapy.
  • HB 1876 Virginia Freedom of Information Act; public access to library records of minors.
  • HB 1880 Virginia Public Procurement Act; competitive negotiation for professional services.
  • HB 1895 Virginia Student Loan Refinancing Authority; established, refinancing loan guaranty program.
  • HB 1915 Student loan servicers; student loan ombudsman.
  • HB 1916 Virginia Student Loan Authority; established, report.
  • HB 1940 Virginia Public Procurement Act; selection of pre-release and post-commitment services.
  • HB 1943 Administrative Process Act; economic impact analysis of proposed regulations.
  • HB 1944 Administrative Process Act; certain regulations for licensed providers by DMAS and DBHDS.
  • HB 1952 Proposed acquisitions of real property; review by Department of General Services.
  • HB 1964 Coastal Protection and Flooding Adaptation, Secretary for; creates position.
  • HB 1968 Small Business Investment Grant Fund; changes to Fund.
  • HB 1969 Small Business Jobs Grant Fund Program; reduces minimum percentage of revenues.
  • HB 1971 FOIA; record and meeting exclusions for multidisciplinary child abuse teams.
  • HB 1973 Economic Development Access Program; bonded projects.
  • HB 1988 Outdoor lighting fixtures; use of light-emitting diodes (LEDs).
  • HB 1998 Secure and Resilient Commonwealth Panel; revises membership and duties, report.
  • HB 2003 Local government revenues and expenditures; reports to Auditor of Public Accounts.
  • HB 2011 Discrimination; separation of the sexes.
  • HB 2013 Virginia Economic Development Partnership Authority; board of directors, qualifications.
  • HB 2017 Virginia Public Procurement Act; bid, performance, and payment bonds, waiver by localities.
  • HB 2043 Law-enforcement officer; public release of identifying information, etc.
  • HB 2047 Review of existing contracts; security of government information, including citizen data, report.
  • HB 2057 Discrimination; prohibited in private or public employment.
  • HB 2081 General Services, Department of; central electronic procurement website.
  • HB 2096 Virginia Industries for the Blind; exempted from certain procurements.
  • HB 2105 Investment of Public Funds Act; investment of public funds in Virginia Investment Pool Trust Fund.
  • HB 2106 Workforce Development, Virginia Board of; revises composition of Board.
  • HB 2115 General Assembly; Department of Planning and Budget to prepare fiscal impact statements.
  • HB 2122 Virginia Public Procurement Act; cooperative procurement for construction projects.
  • HB 2129 Virginia Human Rights Act; prohibits discrimination in employment.
  • HB 2143 FOIA; training approved by Virginia Freedom of Information Advisory Council, online courses offered.
  • HB 2146 Virginia Freedom of Information Advisory Council; online public comment form.
  • HB 2148 Veterans Services Foundation; powers and duties, appointment of Executive Director, report.
  • HB 2151 Virginia Resources Authority.
  • HB 2162 Substance-exposed infants; study of barriers to treatment in Commonwealth.
  • HB 2165 Opiate prescriptions; electronic prescriptions.
  • HB 2169 Gas severance tax.
  • HB 2170 Virginia Public Procurement Act; utilization of cooperative procure for construction.
  • HB 2177 Administrative Process Act; exemption for Charitable Gaming Board.
  • HB 2199 Virginia Economic Development Partnership Authority; Chief Executive Officer, powers and duties.
  • HB 2204 My Virginia Plan Program; created, retirement plans for employees of private employers.
  • HB 2206 Virginia Veteran and Family Support program; established, report.