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  • HJ 3 United States Constitution; application for a convention of the states.
  • HJ 90 United States Constitution; amendment concerning federal budget, sunset provision.
  • HB 193 Certificates of public need; creates three-phase process to sunset requirements for medical care.
  • HB 1392 School security officers; carrying a firearm in performance of duties.
  • HB 350 Certificate of public need; changes to Medical Care Facilities Certificate of Public Need Program.
  • HB 900 Associate physicians; requirements for licensure, practice agreements.
  • SB 816 Grand larceny & certain property crimes; increases threshold amount of money taken, etc., to $1,000.
  • HB 904 Alcoholic beverage control; limited mixed beverage license for retail cigar shops.
  • HB 602 Petit larceny; prior convictions, penalty.
  • SJ 223 Constitutional amendment; qualification of voters and executive clemency (first reference).
  • HB 835 Alcoholic beverage control; privileges of licensed art instruction studios.
  • HB 1282 Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) movement; SCT to work with Virginia-Israel Advisory Board.
  • HB 2471 Virginia Economic Development Partnership Authority; membership, powers and duties.
  • HB 1089 Virginia Lottery Fund; administrative expenses, reduces cap on appropriations to Fund.
  • HB 157 Agriculture and Consumer Services, Department of; approval of guidance document prior to adoption.
  • SB 898 Combined sewer overflow outfalls; DEQ to identify owner of outfall discharging into Chesapeake Bay.
  • HB 1328 Unfaithful delegates; constitutional convention, penalty.
  • HB 1317 Sexual abuse of certain children; penalty.
  • SB 178 Concealed handgun permits; reciprocity with other states.
  • SB 197 Interstate 73 Corridor Development Fund and Program; created.
  • SB 93 Correctional Officer Procedural Guarantee Act; created.
  • HB 678 Human trafficking training; DCJS to establish for law-enforcement, etc.
  • HB 1379 Voter list maintenance; use of Electronic Registration Information Center, etc.
  • HB 1196 Arrest; failure to be physically taken into custody by using physical means to resist.
  • SB 60 Commonwealth of Virginia Transform I-66 Corridor Outside the Beltway Bond Act of 2016; created.