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  • HB 1392 School security officers; carrying a firearm in performance of duties.
  • HB 1394 Franchisees; status thereof and its employees as employees of the franchisor.
  • HB 1396 Grottoes, Town of; amending charter, appointment of member to office of vice-mayor, etc.
  • HB 1400 Virginia Virtual School Board; established, report.
  • HB 1401 Higher educational institutions; speech on campus.
  • HB 1402 Higher educational institutions, public; certain positions require residency of the Commonwealth.
  • HB 1404 Fire alarms; maliciously activating, penalty.
  • HB 1405 Trooper Chad Phillip Dermyer Memorial Bridge; designating as Rt. 143 bridge over Interstate 64.
  • HB 1408 Student vision screenings; requirements for certain students.
  • HB 1411 Privately retained counsel; rules and regulations, client's failure to pay.
  • HB 1414 Standards of Learning; DOE to review multipart assessment questions, partial credit, etc.
  • HB 1415 Transient occupancy tax; Goochland, Powhatan, and Warren Counties authorized to impose.
  • HB 1422 Virginia Consumer Protection Act; prohibited practices, etc.
  • HB 1426 Emergency custody or involuntary admission process; alternative transportation model.
  • HB 1428 Absentee voting; photo identification required with application.
  • HB 1431 Voter registration drives; compensation prohibitions.
  • HB 1432 Switchblade knife; exception to carry concealed.
  • HB 1433 Neighborhood Assistance Act Tax Credit; allocation to certain organizations.
  • HB 1437 Public school students; sight and hearing testing, exceptions.
  • HB 1440 Farm use vehicles; imposes $250 fine for violating limitations while operating unregistered vehicle.
  • HB 1450 Health insurer/health maintenance organization; response to notice from pharmacy's intermediary.
  • HB 1451 Social Services, Department of; survey for children aging out of foster care.
  • HB 1453 Naloxone; dispensing for use in opioid overdose reversal, etc.
  • HB 1454 James River; designation portion a component of Scenic Rivers System.
  • HB 1455 Real property tax; partial exemption for certain commercial and industrial structures.
  • HB 1456 Custody and visitation orders; use of term parenting time.
  • HB 1457 Part-time deputy sheriffs; compensation.
  • HB 1461 Quantico, Town of; amending charter, removes certain town officers elected by town council.
  • HB 1463 Delinquent taxes; publication of list by governing body or treasurer.
  • HB 1466 Concealed handgun permits; expiration notice.
  • HB 1467 Neonatal abstinence syndrome; Board of Health to adopt regulations to include as reportable disease.
  • HB 1468 Incarcerated persons, certain; compliance with detainers, U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement.
  • HB 1471 Reinsurance credits; SCC authorized to adopt certain regulations.
  • HB 1472 Conflict of Interests Act, State and Local Government; prohibited contracts, exceptions.
  • HB 1474 Dental hygienist; remote supervision.
  • HB 1475 Common Interest Community Board; information on covenants, association disclosure packets.
  • HB 1476 Real property tax; special assessment for land preservation.
  • HB 1477 Cats and dogs; local government may, by ordinance, provide for lifetime licenses.
  • HB 1478 Recordation tax; exempts deed of trust or mortgage given by utility consumer services cooperatives.
  • HB 1479 Attorney discipline; procedures.
  • HB 1483 BHDS, Board of; regulations governing licensure of providers.
  • HB 1484 Occupational therapists; Board of Medicine shall amend regulations governing licensure.
  • HB 1485 Sexual offenses; prohibits person from proximity to children and working on school property.
  • HB 1486 Arts and cultural districts; districts may be created jointly by two or more localities.
  • HB 1490 School board members who are called to active duty; appointment of acting school board members.
  • HB 1491 Background checks; exceptions, sponsored living and shared residential service providers.
  • HB 1492 Child support orders; special needs trust or ABLE savings trust account.
  • HB 1493 Sales draft; definition, credit card offenses, penalty.
  • HB 1494 Driver's license; examination of drivers believed incompetent.
  • HB 1497 Ophthalmic prescriptions; definitions, who may provide prescriptions, requirements.
  • HB 1500 Budget Bill.
  • HB 1504 Driver's license or learner's permit; issuance, minimum standards for vision tests.
  • HB 1505 Perpetual care trust funds; method of distribution.
  • HB 1508 Critical incident reports; DBHDS to provide written report.
  • HB 1509 Mineral mines reclamation; bonds and liens.
  • HB 1512 Higher educational institutions, public; academic credit for American Sign Language courses.
  • HB 1514 Doctor of medicine, etc.; reporting disabilities of drivers to DMV, not subject to civil liability.
  • HB 1515 Circuit court clerks; electronic transfer of certain documents.
  • HB 1516 Surviving spouse's elective share; homestead allowance benefit.
  • HB 1517 Sandbridge Beach; general permit for sand Subdivision.
  • HB 1518 Sales and use tax; automotive repair supplies.
  • HB 1519 Overweight permits; hauling Virginia-grown farm produce, validity.
  • HB 1520 Reformulated gasoline; sale for farm use.
  • HB 1521 Commonwealth's tax code; conformity with federal law; emergency.
  • HB 1524 Special conservators of the peace; liability insurance, etc.
  • HB 1525 Driver's licenses; revocation or suspension, laws of other jurisdictions.
  • HB 1529 Temporary exemption periods from retail sales and use taxes for qualifying items; sunset dates.
  • HB 1532 Fire Programs Fund; increases rate of assessment for Fund.
  • HB 1537 Active duty service; contract termination.
  • HB 1538 Revision and recodification of Title 23; corrections.
  • HB 1539 Virginia Freedom of Information Act; public access to records of public bodies.
  • HB 1540 Virginia Freedom of Information Act; public access to meetings of public bodies.
  • HB 1541 Board of Nursing; powers and duties.
  • HB 1542 Home service contract providers; shifts responsibility for regulating to Commissioner of the DACS.
  • HB 1543 Retail Sales and Use Tax; exemption for audiovisual productions and equipment.
  • HB 1544 Certificates of public need; conditions on certificates, alternative plans of compliance.
  • HB 1545 Criminal cases; delayed appeals, assignments of errors dismissed in part.
  • HB 1546 Jurors; confidentiality of name and home address.
  • HB 1547 Historical African American cemeteries/graves; disbursement of funds appropriated for preservation.
  • HB 1548 Advance directives; admission of person for mental health treatment, capacity determinations.