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  • HB 6 Campaign Finance Disclosure Act; unlawful conversion of political contributions to personal use.
  • HB 40 Public safety answering points; deployment of text-to-9-1-1.
  • HB 60 Income tax, state; subtraction for National Guard pay.
  • HB 75 Reckless driving; right to appeal.
  • HB 96 Problem-Solving Court Act; established, report.
  • HB 102 Felony homicide; certain drug offenses, penalty.
  • HB 129 Local government; publication of notices for charter changes, referenda, and public hearings, etc.
  • HB 130 Limited liability companies; series.
  • HB 157 Agriculture and Consumer Services, Department of; approval of guidance document prior to adoption.
  • HB 163 Income tax, state; deduction for senior citizens.
  • HB 165 Meals and food and beverage taxes, local; exemption for sales of meals for fundraising purposes.
  • HB 171 Alcoholic beverage control; food-beverage ratio for certain mixed beverage licensees.
  • HB 193 Certificates of public need; creates three-phase process to sunset requirements for medical care.
  • HB 215 Income tax, state; annual adjustment for inflation.
  • HB 219 Alcoholic beverage control; food-beverage ratio.
  • HB 251 Cover sheets; multiple deeds or instruments concerning the same interest in real property.
  • HB 253 License tax, local, and state contractor's license; certificate of workers' compensation compliance.
  • HB 271 Parenting time; replaces "visitation" in statutory language.
  • HB 286 Legal notices; advertisement by locality.
  • HB 346 Consumer finance companies; motor vehicle title loans, prohibited practices.
  • HB 350 Certificate of public need; changes to Medical Care Facilities Certificate of Public Need Program.
  • HB 352 Electric utilities; energy efficiency programs.
  • HB 362 Accident and sickness insurance; step therapy protocols, disclosure of information.
  • HB 379 Electric utility; customer account information, warrant required.
  • HB 400 Virginia Student Loan Refinancing Authority; established, report.
  • HB 401 Student loan servicers; student loan ombudsman.
  • HB 452 Virginia Energy Storage Consortium; created, report.
  • HB 461 Handheld personal communications devices; use while driving, penalty.
  • HB 473 Palliative Care Information and Education Program; established.
  • HB 490 Workers' compensation; cost of living supplements.
  • HB 500 Child care providers; criminal history background checks.
  • HB 539 Income tax, corporate; lowers rate of taxation.
  • HB 540 Income tax, state; increases deduction for personal exemptions.
  • HB 545 License tax, local; staffing firm deductions.
  • HB 575 Energy efficiency programs; total resource cost test.
  • HB 576 Electric and natural gas utilities; energy efficiency goals established, report.
  • HB 601 Health insurance; mandated coverage for treatment of inborn errors of metabolism.
  • HB 602 Petit larceny; prior convictions, penalty.
  • HB 618 Distributed electric generation; establishment of community solar gardens.
  • HB 625 Minors; abduction for purpose of prostitution.
  • HB 666 Contracts; certain provisions for sale or lease of consumer goods or services declared void.
  • HB 678 Human trafficking training; DCJS to establish for law-enforcement, etc.
  • HB 693 Income tax, state; adjusts standard deduction for inflation.
  • HB 710 Property Owners' Association Act; conforms maximum fees for disclosure packets.
  • HB 754 Domestic violence-related misdemeanors; enhanced penalty.
  • HB 765 Assault and battery against a family or household member; first offense, enhanced penalties.
  • HB 768 Victims of domestic violence, etc.; firearms safety or training course.
  • HB 790 Solid waste disposal fee; removes Pittsylvania County from list of counties authorized to levy.
  • HB 794 Death penalty; severe mental illness.
  • HB 809 Firearms; selling, bartering, etc., to persons not lawfully present in United States, penalty.
  • HB 835 Alcoholic beverage control; privileges of licensed art instruction studios.
  • HB 838 Professions, occupations, and trades; applicant's criminal history.
  • HB 839 State Library Board; retention of surveillance videos.
  • HB 843 Income tax, state; reduces top marginal tax rate.
  • HB 877 Taxation, Department of; increases period taxpayer may file an amended return.
  • HB 880 Income tax, state; withholding tax for an employee.
  • HB 881 Child day programs; exempts from licensure certain martial arts programs.
  • HB 887 Virginia Public Procurement Act; requirements for use of construction management.
  • HB 897 Tow truck drivers; registration of drivers convicted of violent crimes.
  • HB 900 Associate physicians; requirements for licensure, practice agreements.
  • HB 904 Alcoholic beverage control; limited mixed beverage license for retail cigar shops.
  • HB 908 Electrical transmission lines; SCC to consider impact on historic resources.
  • HB 922 Computer trespass; increases penalty if government computer and computer used for public utilities.
  • HB 936 Students, certain, with limited English proficiency; Board shall make provision in its regulations.
  • HB 956 Legal notices; advertisement by certain towns.
  • HB 957 Laser hair removal technicians; licensure by Board of Medicine.
  • HB 963 Pain-Capable Unborn Child Protection Act; created, penalty.
  • HB 966 Income tax, corporate; apportionment of income to Virginia.
  • HB 969 Virginia Retail Sales and Use Tax Act; conforms the Commonwealth's sales and use tax laws.
  • HB 978 Health insurance; proton radiation therapy coverage decisions.
  • HB 1019 Education improvement scholarships; modifies tax credit program, pre-kindergarten eligibility.
  • HB 1021 Medicaid nonemergency transportation providers; criminal history background checks.
  • HB 1035 Elderly care savings trust accounts; established, administered by the Virginia College Savings Plan.
  • HB 1042 Toll facility operators or their agents; exempted from charges for information supplied by DMV.
  • HB 1065 Ground water conservation incentive program; State Water Control Bd. to establish voluntary program.
  • HB 1067 Commonwealth of Virginia Transform I-66 Corridor Outside the Beltway Bond Act of 2016; created.
  • HB 1072 Virginia Retirement System; modifies hybrid retirement program.
  • HB 1078 Legal notices; advertisement of by certain towns.
  • HB 1080 Onsite sewage systems; designs for treatment works from professional engineers.
  • HB 1089 Virginia Lottery Fund; administrative expenses, reduces cap on appropriations to Fund.