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SB 1374 Schools; interventions for those denied accreditation and failing to demonstrate progress.

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Schools that have been denied accreditation and fail to make progress toward accreditation; turnaround specialist. Requires local school boards, when a school has been denied accreditation and has failed to make satisfactory progress toward full accreditation, to implement meaningful interventions designed to improve academic achievements. The interventions shall be provided in an agreement between the Board of Education and the local school board and shall be consistent with the following principals: (i) reviewing the performance of the current principal and either (a) replacing the principal if such a change is necessary to ensure strong and effective leadership or (b) demonstrating to the Board that the current principal has a track record in improving achievement and has the ability to lead the turnaround effort; (ii) providing the principal with operational flexibility in the areas of scheduling, staff, curriculum, and budget; (iii) reviewing the quality of all staff and retaining only those who are determined to be effective and have the ability to be successful in the turnaround effort; (iv) providing ongoing professional development informed by the teacher evaluation and support systems and tied to teacher and student needs; (v) redesigning the school day, week, or year, as deemed necessary, to include additional time for student learning and teacher collaboration; (vi) strengthening the school's instructional program based on students' needs and ensuring that the instructional program is research-based, rigorous, and aligned with state academic content standards; (vii) using data to inform instruction and for continuous improvement, including by providing time for collaboration on the use of data; (viii) establishing a school environment that improves school safety and discipline and addressing other non-academic factors that impact student achievement, such as students' social, emotional, and health needs; and (ix) providing ongoing mechanisms for family and community engagement. In addition, the bill requires the Board to appoint an experienced external educational consultant to work with the local school board and principal in implementing the interventions. The Board shall determine whether additional state or local resources are necessary to implement the interventions. In lieu of implementing these interventions, the local school board may convert the school or close it and reopen it as a charter school or under an education management organization.


Schools that have been denied accreditation and fail to make progress toward accreditation; turnaround specialist. Requires the Board of Education to designate for further corrective action any school that has been denied accreditation and that has failed, per the Board of Education's assessment, to demonstrate progress toward full accreditation during the subsequent school year in accordance with the corrective action plan submitted by the local school board and the memorandum of understanding between the Board and the local school board. The bill also requires the Board to direct the school principal, in conjunction with the Office of School Improvement, to act as a turnaround specialist and to implement certain changes in order to meet the unique needs of the school until the school achieves full accreditation status.