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  • HB 1305 Workers' compensation; injuries presumed to be in course of employment, unless evidence to contrary.
  • HB 1308 Writ of actual innocence; petition by juvenile adjudicated delinquent upon felony charge.
  • HB 1311 Appeal of bond decision; court may stay execution of order for so long as reasonably practicable.
  • HB 1318 Boiler and Pressure Vessel Safety Act; certain liquefied propane gas containers exempt from Act.
  • HB 1320 Peanuts; extends excise tax on those grown in and sold in Virginia.
  • HB 1327 Port of Va. Economic & Infrastructure Development Zone Grant Fund; certain businesses eligible.
  • HB 1332 Local government audit; allowed to request audit from Auditor of Public Accounts upon majority vote.
  • HB 1333 Service district boundaries; allows localities to amend after notice and public hearing.
  • HB 1335 Local officers; senior judge may appoint temporary member to electoral board.
  • HB 1337 Polling place procedures; voter identification to be current, valid, and contain photograph.
  • HB 1339 Election districts & redistricting; locality permitted to exclude from census correctional facility.
  • HB 1344 Deaf or hard-of-hearing children; special education.
  • HB 1345 Rappahannock River Basin Commission; reduces number of members.
  • HB 1346 Presidential electors; candidate petitions, required signatures, etc.
  • HB 1347 Workers' compensation; weather as risk of public safety officer's employment,injuries incurred.
  • HB 1349 Dental hygiene and dental hygienist; definitions and licensure.
  • HB 1350 Standards of Learning; local school divisions shall provide math remediation, etc., for grades 6-8.
  • HB 1351 Credit unions, federal; those operating within State to comply with Virginia Small Estate Act.
  • HB 1358 Law-enforcement officer; impersonating local, etc., law-enforcement officer is Class 1 misdemeanor.
  • HB 1363 Private security services businesses; exempts certain employees and representatives from training.
  • HB 1372 Unemployment compensation; disqualification from benefits due to loss of license or certification.
  • HB 1376 Controlled substances; law-enforcement officer's testimony regarding field-test identification.
  • HB 1383 Criminal history record information; emergency medical services providers.
  • HB 1384 Transportation Accountability, Joint Commission on; removes obsolete provision.
  • HB 1385 Labor organization representation; right to vote by secret ballot.
  • HB 1387 License plates, special; issuance for supporters of Washington Nationals baseball team.
  • HB 1388 Teaching positions; notice to principals, assistant principals, or supervisors of reassignment.
  • HB 1390 Charter; Town of Kilmarnock.
  • HB 1392 Higher educational institutions; modifications to prior revenue bond bills, emergency.
  • HB 1393 Fleet management; DGS to issue guidance documents to govern use of vehicles in State fleet.
  • HB 1395 Abandoned vehicles; public auction conducted by locality shall include an Internet sale by auction.
  • HB 1396 Portable electronics insurance; eliminates provision that caps incidental compensation, etc.
  • HB 1397 Dan River; designates 15-mile segment as component of Virginia Scenic Rivers System.
  • HB 1398 Land preservation tax credits; Budget Bill to include an appropriation for land preservation, etc.
  • HB 1399 RS&UT; deletes portion of tax exemption for pollution control equipment and facilities.
  • HB 1400 Oyster replenishment tax; penalties.
  • HB 1401 Real property tax; collection of delinquent taxes, notice to taxpayer regarding payment agreement.
  • HB 1406 Eating disorders; school board shall provide parent educational information for grades 5 through 12.
  • HB 1419 Family health care structures, temporary; zoning provisions, extends time structure must be removed.
  • HB 1420 Intervener; purposes of regulations promulgated by Board of Education.
  • HB 1422 Interchangeable biosimilar biological products; permits pharmacists to dispense, etc.
  • HB 1423 Mandatory outpatient treatment; who may file petition.
  • HB 1425 Tenant's remedies; interrupted utility service.
  • HB 1432 Writ of actual innocence; revises one of allegations necessary to petition.
  • HB 1433 Infants; cause of action for expenses for injury, statute of limitations.
  • HB 1435 Senior judge system; to study feasibility & effect of implementing for circuit & district courts.
  • HB 1439 Background checks; children's residential facilities regulated by Department of Juvenile Justice.
  • HB 1440 Charter; Town of Monterey.
  • HB 1443 Social Serices, Commissioner of; submission of financial information by applicant, licensure.
  • HB 1444 Medications; administration by certain employees or contract service providers.
  • HB 1445 Home care organizations; clarifies liability insurance coverage requirements.
  • HB 1448 Septic systems, failed; contracts with property owners to provide loans for repairs.
  • HB 1449 Alcoholic beverage control; mixed beverage licenses for certain properties.
  • HB 1451 Retention of case records; general district court.
  • HB 1452 Charter; Town of Chase City.
  • HB 1453 Public utility company vehicles; extension of loads beyond front of vehicles.
  • HB 1461 Tuition, in-state; veterans residing within State shall be eligibile for in-state tuition charges.
  • HB 1468 Public schools; possession & administration of epinephrine by employees of local governing bodies.
  • HB 1473 Concession stands at youth athletic activities; exempt from regulations applicable to restaurants.
  • HB 1474 Grass & weeds; adds Town of Orange to list of localities authorized to require cutting on property.
  • HB 1475 Motorcycle titling; purchase of new motorcycles for parts.
  • HB 1476 Motorcycle rider safety training centers; requires motorcycles supplied to meet certain criteria.
  • HB 1477 Deadman's Statute; corroboration of testimony by business records, authentication of records.
  • HB 1480 Real Estate Board; authority to hear fair housing violations by real estate licensees.
  • HB 1481 Scrap metal purchasers; purchase of secondhand articles, reports, penalty.
  • HB 1482 Wastewater works operator; must sit for conventional onsite sewage system operator examination.
  • HB 1485 DMV registration; expiration and renewal.
  • HB 1493 Charter; City of Hampton.
  • HB 1497 Public school interscholastic programs; participation by students in military families.
  • HB 1499 Emergency medical services personnel; administration of medications.
  • HB 1500 Budget Bill.
  • HB 1501 Pharmacy; collaborative agreements.
  • HB 1506 Service firearms; minimum years of service.
  • HB 1507 Deeds; circuit court clerk has authority to reject any deed or recordation for filing, etc.
  • HB 1508 Congressman William Wampler, Sr., Memorial Highway; designating portion of Interstate Route 81.
  • HB 1509 Failed electronic payments; civil action, unlawful detainer remedies.
  • HB 1510 Dental or optometric services plans; requirement for nonstock corporation that offer or administer.
  • HB 1514 Golf carts and utility vehicles; adds Town of Wachapreague to list that may authorize.
  • HB 1515 Widgeon, Randy Marshall; transfers his service pistol to his widow, Pamela Turlington Widgeon.
  • HB 1519 Community Integration Advisory Commission; extends sunset provision.