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  • HB 1 Unborn children; construing the word "person" under Virginia law to include.
  • HB 8 Vessel accident; requires passengers 18 years of age or older to report, penalty.
  • HB 10 BPOL tax; maximum fee and tax rates established by a locality.
  • HB 40 Coastal primary sand dunes; standards for use, exemption.
  • HB 48 Castle doctrine; self-defense and defense of others.
  • HB 55 Primary dates; presidential primary.
  • HB 59 Elections; persons entitled to have name placed on ballot, etc.
  • HB 73 VIEW; substance abuse screening and assessment of public assistance applicants and recipients.
  • HB 82 Real property tax; roll-back taxes shall not apply to property that loses its designation, etc.
  • HB 107 Richmond Metropolitan Authority; composition of Board of Directors, powers.
  • HB 111 Small business job creation tax credit; creates credit for those creating new full-time jobs.
  • HB 129 Electric utilities; purchases from net metering sellers.
  • HB 130 Income tax, state; military retirement pay subtraction.
  • HB 131 Income tax, state; tax credit for disabled military veterans.
  • HB 149 Income tax, corporate; lower rate for certain businesses.
  • HB 158 Devocalization of cats and dogs; veterinarians to keep records of procedures, etc., penalty.
  • HB 159 Nursing home patients; notice to Long-Term Care Ombudsman when patient is discharged or transferred.
  • HB 162 Telecommunications services; SCC to excercise jurisdiction over rates and charges for prisoners.
  • HB 168 Campaign practices; final disposition of surplus funds by General Assembly members.
  • HB 173 Interpreters; cost shall be borne by non-English-speaking defendant if he is convicted of offense.
  • HB 182 License plates, special; issuance of those bearing legend: PEACE BEGINS AT HOME.
  • HB 186 Sewage sludge; authorizes a locality to prohibit land application of.
  • HB 191 Small businesses; tax credit for those hiring graduates of Virginia's colleges and universities.
  • HB 207 Retail Sales and Use Tax; exemption includes gold, silver, and platinum bullion.
  • HB 208 Virginia Retirement System; retirees hired as school board security personnel.
  • HB 218 Deaf and hard-of-hearing children; special education.
  • HB 219 Unemployment benefits; volunteer service requirement, report.
  • HB 228 Income tax, corporate; credit for contracting with small or minority-owned businesses.
  • HB 230 Alcoholic beverage control; suspension of license for local tax delinquency.
  • HB 231 Gas pipeline safety; information disclosures.
  • HB 237 Criminal history record information checks upon handgun purchases; dissemination of information.
  • HB 248 Income tax, corporate; eliminates tax for taxable years beginning on and after January 1, 2013.
  • HB 259 House of Delegates Districts; technical adjustments in boundaries.
  • HB 264 Interstate Health Care Compact; established.
  • HB 267 Dental laboratories; register with Board of Dentistry.
  • HB 274 Circuit court judges; increases number in Fifteenth Judicial Circuit, decreases in Seventeenth.
  • HB 280 Deeds; affidavit by an attorney involved in transaction may be used in correcting errors.
  • HB 334 Public Procurement Act; bid match preference for State businesses.
  • HB 342 Deer or bear; person whose property may be damaged is authorized to kill.
  • HB 345 Dietitians; requires Board of Medicine to promulgate regulations for licensure.
  • HB 365 Student suspension or expulsion from school; requires superintendent to ensure continued education.
  • HB 366 Suspension and expulsion; prohibits instances of disorderly or disruptive behavior offenses.
  • HB 396 Invasive plants; Board of Agriculture and Consumer Services to adopt regulations to control.
  • HB 398 Radiology benefits managers; decision to deny physician's order for diagnostic radiology test.
  • HB 407 Prince William County Metrorail Improvement District; created.
  • HB 426 Planning districts; requires preparation of regional strategic plans for guidance of district.
  • HB 428 Virginia Retirement System; benefits for certain local employees.
  • HB 429 Telephone bills; blocking third-party charges.
  • HB 450 Parental rights; procedure for restoration, child and parent to consent to restoration of rights.
  • HB 456 Riparian forest tax credit; refund.
  • HB 459 Pawnbrokers and precious metals dealers; photograph required of person pawning, selling, etc.
  • HB 463 Juveniles; legal custody transferred to Department of Juvenile Justice.
  • HB 469 Algebra readiness assessment; Board of Education to develop or approve for students.
  • HB 483 Real property tax; concerning validity of valuation of property, etc.
  • HB 486 VRS; certain higher educational institution employees in optional retirement plan.
  • HB 487 Prisoners; allows localities to charge persons for costs of transporting them to jail.
  • HB 505 Income tax, state; increases long-term care insurance credit.
  • HB 514 Tax credits; beginning Jan. 1, 2012, for direct costs to comply with excessive state regulations.
  • HB 517 Income tax, state; creates deductions for life, medical, and dental insurance premiums.
  • HB 518 Income tax, state; deductions for life, medical, and dental insurance premiums for certain people.
  • HB 534 Certificate of public need; exemption from Request for Applications (RFAs) process.
  • HB 544 Suspension and expulsion; prohibits instances of disorderly or disruptive behavior offenses.
  • HB 549 Child support arrearages; publication of names.
  • HB 576 Public schools; teacher contract and evaluation policies.
  • HB 586 Corrections, Department of; confinement of local inmates in State correctional facilities.
  • HB 592 Concealed handgun permittees; criminal history record information check exemption for some firearms.
  • HB 593 VEDP; required provisions in economic development agreements.
  • HB 604 License plates, special; issuance of those bearing legend: IN REMEMBRANCE, APRIL 16, 2007.
  • HB 631 Application of foreign law; court decisions and contracts will be void as violation of policy.
  • HB 643 Virginia Telephone Privacy Protection Act; telephone call includes any text message sent.
  • HB 651 License plates, special; issuance of those bearing legend: I SUPPORT ANIMAL RESCUE.
  • HB 660 Solar photovoltaic power production projects; VDOT to lease space within highway rights-of-way.
  • HB 679 Criminal history information; prohibits sale of person's conviction when record is expunged.
  • HB 697 Higher educational institutions; mental health policies.
  • HB 705 Health insurance; diagnostic procedures resulting from preventive care or screening.
  • HB 707 Funeral protests; penalty.
  • HB 709 Motor vehicle insurance; medical expense benefits, assignments.
  • HB 720 Worker retraining tax credit; increase in credit amount for tax years beginning January 1, 2012.
  • HB 724 False advertising; exempts real estate brokers and salespersons from criminal and civil liability.
  • HB 727 Statewide uniform grading policy; requires Board of Education to establish.