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Offered February 27, 2011
Limiting legislation and establishing a schedule for the conduct of business coming before the 2011 Redistricting Special Session of the General Assembly.
Patron-- Cox, M.K.

RESOLVED by the House of Delegates, the Senate concurring, That the 2011 Redistricting Special Session, summoned by proclamation of the Governor on February 27, 2011, to begin immediately after adjournment sine die of the 2011 Regular Session, shall be governed by the following procedural rules:

Rule 1. Except with the unanimous consent of the house in which the legislation is offered, no bill, joint resolution, or resolution shall be offered in either house during the special session other than one relating to (i) the redrawing of the districts of the members of the House of Delegates, the Senate of Virginia, or the United States House of Representatives; (ii) election law changes needed to facilitate elections following the redrawing of districts or needed as a result of the redrawing of districts, judicial decisions, or requirements or communications from the United States Department of Justice; (iii) the rules of procedure or schedule of business of the General Assembly, either of its houses, or any of its committees; (iv) a response to objections raised by the Department of Justice; (v) a response to any redistricting development that may occur; (vi) the election of judges; or (vii) confirming appointments subject to the confirmation of the General Assembly.

Rule 2. The House of Delegates and the Senate shall recess the redistricting special session on the day of convening by motion of a member received by the presiding officer of each body and shall reconvene at noon, April 4, 2011.

Rule 3. After the redistricting special session is reconvened for the first time, it may stand in recess from time to time until reconvened with at least 48 hours notice by the joint call of the Speaker of the House of Delegates and Chair of the Senate Committee on Rules to consider such matters as are provided for in the procedural resolution adopted to govern the conduct of business coming before such special session.

Rule 4. During the recesses, no session per diem for this special session shall be allowed for members of the General Assembly; however, on any day that the General Assembly is in recess, the members of the Privileges and Elections Committees of the House of Delegates and the Senate, the members of any other standing committee authorized by its respective body, and the members of any legislative committee, commission, or council established by the General Assembly, and all committees and subcommittees of any of the foregoing, may receive compensation as provided in 30-19.12 of the Code of Virginia and in the 2010-2012 Appropriation Act.