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SB 230 Brown v. Board of Education Scholarship Program and Fund; created, report.

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SUMMARY AS PASSED: (all summaries)

Brown v. Board of Education Scholarship Program and Fund. Creates the Brown v. Board of Education Scholarship Program and Fund for the purpose of assisting students who were enrolled in the public schools of Virginia between 1954 and 1964, in jurisdictions in which such public schools were closed to avoid desegregation, in obtaining a high school diploma, the General Education Development certificate, career or technical education or training, or an undergraduate degree from a public institution of higher education in Virginia. The bill also establishes the Brown v. Board of Education Scholarship Awards Committee, in the legislative branch of state government, to govern the Program, review applications, and award scholarships to eligible persons. The Awards Committee consists of legislators and nonlegislative citizen members appointed by the Joint Rules Committee and the Governor. Under the provisions of the bill, the State Council of Higher Education will administer the Program. A special nonreverting fund, the Brown v. Board of Education Scholarship Program Fund, has been established as the repository of appropriations, gifts, grants, donations, bequests, and other funds to support the Program. This meaure also establishes student eligibility for the scholarships and stipulates that scholarships may be used only for payment of tuition charges. In addition, the bill provides that (i) the Program does not establish any legally enforceable right or entitlement on the part of any person or any right or entitlement to participation in the program; and (ii) scholarships must be awarded to the extent funds are made available for the Program or to the Awards Committee for such purpose.

The second enactment clause provides that educational terms used in the act shall be construed as defined in Titles 22.1, 23, and 40.1. The third enactment clause provides that the act will expire on July 1, 2008.

This bill is supported by the Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Memorial Commission.