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9VAC25-32-700. Eligibility requirements.

A. Certification may be obtained by satisfying all of the following requirements:

1. Satisfactorily completing and submitting to the department an application in the form required by the department, including a statement of any felony convictions. Such application shall be submitted to the department at least 30 days before the scheduled examination date set by the department. The application shall request information relating to the person's education, work experience, knowledge of land application of biosolids and applicable regulations, and willingness to abide by the requirements of this regulation;

2. Supplying proof of meeting one of the following:

a. A copy of a transcript or similar documentation indicating completion of a high school or higher degree or equivalent education level with work experience in an agriculturally related area including farming and three months of practical experience related to land application of biosolids acceptable to the department;

b. A combination of training acceptable to the department that may include soil science or nutrient management or farming practice related educational training and a minimum of six months of practical experience related to land application of biosolids; or

c. Evidence of prior supervisory level experience with land application of biosolids of two or more years that is acceptable to the department;

3. Obtaining a passing score on each part of the land applicators certification examination administered by the department; and

4. Submitting the required certification fee by check or money order to the department.

B. Certificates shall be valid upon notification by the department and for two years following each renewal from the established renewal date and will expire on the last day of the expiration month. Certified land applicators or applicants shall notify the department of any change in mailing address within 30 days of such change in address.

C. The department, upon review, may accept or approve land applicator certification programs of other states as satisfying partial requirements for certification.

D. Individuals certified as land application operators in other states under certification or licensing programs acceptable to the department will be eligible for certification in Virginia by complying with all requirements of these regulations except for subdivision A 2 of this section. These individuals may also substitute, for the requirements in this regulation, 9VAC25-32-720, the attainment of a passing score on a Virginia specific examination component that shall include at a minimum the elements listed in 9VAC25-32-720 C 1 and C 6.

Statutory Authority

62.1-44.15 of the Code of Virginia.

Historical Notes

Derived from Virginia Register Volume 24, Issue 6, eff. January 1, 2008; amended, Virginia Register Volume 29, Issue 24, eff. September 1, 2013.

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