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9VAC25-32-180. Public notice of hearing.

A. Public notice of any hearing held pursuant to 9VAC25-32-170 shall be circulated as follows:

1. Notice shall be published once in a newspaper of general circulation in the county or city where the pollutant management activity is to occur; and

2. Notice of the hearing shall be sent to all persons and government agencies which received a copy of the notice of the VPA permit application.

B. Notice shall be effected pursuant to subsection A of this section at least 30 days in advance of the hearing.

C. The content of the public notice of any hearing held pursuant to 9VAC25-32-170 shall include at least the following:

1. Name and address of each owner whose application will be considered at the hearing and a brief description of the owner's pollutant management activities or operations;

2. A brief reference to the public notice issued for the VPA permit application, including identification number and date of issuance unless the public notice includes the hearing notice;

3. Information regarding the time and location for the hearing;

4. The purpose of the hearing;

5. A concise statement of the issues raised by the persons requesting the hearing;

6. The name of a contact person and the address at which interested persons may obtain further information, request a copy of the draft VPA permit prepared pursuant to 9VAC25-32-110, request a copy of the fact sheet prepared pursuant to 9VAC25-32-120 and inspect or arrange for receipt of copies of forms and related documents; and

7. A brief reference to the rules and procedures to be followed at the hearing.

Statutory Authority

62.1-44.15, 62.1-44.16, 62.1-44.17, 62.1-44.18, and 62.1-44.19 of the Code of Virginia.

Historical Notes

Derived from Virginia Register Volume 12, Issue 20, eff. July 24, 1996.

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