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Part V
Transfer, Modification, Revocation and Reissuance, and Termination of Permits

9VAC25-31-370. Modification, revocation and reissuance, or termination of permits.

A. Permits may be modified, revoked and reissued, or terminated either at the request of any interested person (including the permittee) or upon the board's initiative. When the department receives any information (for example, inspects the facility, receives information submitted by the permittee as required in the permit, receives a request for modification or revocation and reissuance, or conducts a review of the permit file) it may determine whether or not one or more of the causes listed in this section for modification or revocation and reissuance, or both, exist. However, permits may only be modified, revoked and reissued, or terminated for the reasons specified in 9VAC25-31-390 or 9VAC25-31-410. All requests shall be in writing and shall contain facts or reasons supporting the request. If cause does not exist under these sections, the board shall not modify, revoke and reissue or terminate the permit. If a permit modification satisfies the criteria for minor modifications, the permit may be modified without a draft permit or public review. Otherwise, a draft permit must be prepared and other procedures in Part IV (9VAC25-31-260 et seq.) followed.

B. If the board decides the request is not justified, it shall send the requester a brief written response giving a reason for the decision. Denials of requests for modification, revocation and reissuance, or termination are not subject to public notice, comment, or public hearings.

C. 1. If the board tentatively decides to modify or revoke and reissue a permit, it shall prepare a draft permit incorporating the proposed changes. The board may request additional information and, in the case of a modified permit, may require the submission of an updated application. In the case of revoked and reissued permits, the board shall require the submission of a new application.

2. In a permit modification under this section, only those conditions to be modified shall be reopened when a new draft permit is prepared. All other aspects of the existing permit shall remain in effect for the duration of the unmodified permit. When a permit is revoked and reissued under this section, the entire permit is reopened just as if the permit had expired and was being reissued and the permit is reissued for a new term. During any revocation and reissuance proceeding the permittee shall comply with all conditions of the existing permit until a new final permit is reissued.

3. Minor modifications as defined in 9VAC25-31-400 are not subject to the requirements of this section.

D. If the board tentatively decides to terminate a permit under 9VAC25-31-410, where the permittee objects, it shall issue a notice of intent to terminate. A notice of intent to terminate is a type of draft permit which follows the same procedures as any draft permit.

Statutory Authority

62.1-44.15 (10) of the Code of Virginia.

Historical Notes

Derived from Virginia Register Volume 12, Issue 20, eff. July 24, 1996; amended, Virginia Register Volume 17, Issue 13, eff. April 11, 2001.

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