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Part V
Issuance of Certificates

9VAC25-220-250. Duty to apply.

A. No political subdivision, investor-owned water company or existing beneficial consumptive user withdrawing water in a declared surface water management area and exempted under subsection C of 9VAC25-220-70 from needing a surface water withdrawal permit shall continue to withdraw water in the surface water management area except as authorized by a surface water withdrawal certificate.

B. If an area has been declared a surface water management area, any person exempted under subsection C of 9VAC25-220-70 shall apply for a certificate within 90 days of the declaration.

Statutory Authority

Chapter 24 ( 62.1-242 et seq.) of Title 62.1 of the Code of Virginia.

Historical Notes

Derived from VR680-15-03 5.1, eff. June 3, 1992.

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