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9VAC25-220-180. Public notice of hearing.

A. Public notice of any informal hearing held pursuant to 9VAC25-220-170 shall be circulated as follows:

1. Notice shall be published once in a newspaper of general circulation in the county or city where the activity is to occur; and

2. Notice of the informal hearing shall be sent to all persons and government agencies which received a copy of the notice of proposed regulation or permit application and to those persons requesting an informal hearing or having commented in response to the public notice.

B. Notice shall be effected pursuant to subdivisions A 1 and 2 above at least 30 days in advance of the informal hearing.

C. The content of the public notice of any hearing held pursuant to 9VAC25-220-170 shall include at least the following:

1. Name and address of each person whose application will be considered at the informal hearing and a brief description of the person's activities or operations;

2. The precise location of such activity and the state surface waters that will or may be affected. The location should be described, where possible, with reference to route numbers, road intersections, map coordinates or similar information;

3. A brief reference to the public notice issued for the permit application, including identification number and date of issuance of the permit application unless the public notice includes the informal hearing notice;

4. Information regarding the time and location for the informal hearing;

5. The purpose of the informal hearing;

6. A concise statement of the relevant water withdrawal issues raised by the persons requesting the informal hearing;

7. Contact person and the address of the State Water Control Board office at which the interested persons may obtain further information, request a copy of the draft permit prepared pursuant to 9VAC25-220-110; and

8. A brief reference to the rules and procedures to be followed at the informal hearing.

Statutory Authority

Chapter 24 ( 62.1-242 et seq.) of Title 62.1 of the Code of Virginia.

Historical Notes

Derived from VR680-15-03 3.4, eff. June 3, 1992.

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