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9VAC25-210-70. Effect of a VWP permit.

A. As to the permitted activity, compliance with a VWP permit constitutes compliance with the VWP permit requirements of the Law and regulations.

B. The issuance of a VWP permit does not convey any property rights in either real or personal property, or any exclusive privileges, nor does it authorize injury to private property or any invasion of personal rights or any infringement of federal, state, or local laws or regulations.

Statutory Authority

62.1-44.15 of the Code of Virginia; 401 of the Clean Water Act (33 USC 1251 et seq.).

Historical Notes

Derived from VR680-15-02 1.7, eff. May 20, 1992; amended, Virginia Register Volume 17, Issue 21, eff. August 1, 2001; Volume 32, Issue 21, eff. August 2, 2016.

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