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9VAC25-210-160. Public comments and hearing.

A. The board shall consider all written comments and requests for a public hearing received during the VWP individual permit comment period and shall make a determination on the necessity of a public hearing in accordance with  62.1-44.15:02 of the Code of Virginia. All proceedings, public hearings and decisions from it will be in accordance with  62.1-44.15:02 of the Code of Virginia.

B. Should the board, in accordance with  62.1-44.15:02 of the Code of Virginia, determine to dispense with the public hearing, it may grant the VWP individual permit or, at its discretion, transmit the application or request, together with all written comments from it and relevant staff documents and staff recommendations, if any, to the board for its decision.

C. Any applicant or permittee aggrieved by an action of the board taken without a public hearing, or inaction of the board, may request in writing a hearing pursuant to  62.1-44.15:02 of the Code of Virginia.

Statutory Authority

62.1-44.15 of the Code of Virginia; 401 of the Clean Water Act (33 USC 1251 et seq.).

Historical Notes

Derived from VR680-15-02 3.3, eff. May 20, 1992; amended, Virginia Register Volume 17, Issue 21, eff. August 1, 2001; Volume 32, Issue 21, eff. August 2, 2016.

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