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9VAC25-15-40. Purpose and scope.

A. This chapter shall be construed to encourage the fair, expeditious, voluntary, consensual resolution of disputes. It shall not be construed to preclude collaborative community problem solving.

B. Dispute resolution shall be used to resolve only those disputes that reveal significant issues of disagreement among parties and may be used unless the board decides that it is not in the public interest to do so.

C. The decision to employ dispute resolution is in the board's sole discretion and is not subject to judicial review.

D. The outcome of any dispute resolution procedure shall not be binding upon the board but may be considered by the board in issuing a permit or promulgating a regulation.

E. Dispute resolution may be used to resolve a dispute relating to the promulgation, amendment, or repeal of a regulation that is subject to the public participation process prescribed in Article 2 ( 2.2-4006 et seq. of the Code of Virginia) of the Administrative Process Act.

F. Dispute resolution may be used to resolve a dispute involving any process relating to the issuance of a permit. Dispute resolution may be used in this case only with the consent and participation of the permit applicant and may be terminated at any time at the request of the permit applicant.

G. The board shall consider not using dispute resolution in the circumstances listed in  10.1-1186.3 A of the Code of Virginia.

Statutory Authority

10.1-1186.3 of the Code of Virginia.

Historical Notes

Derived from Virginia Register Volume 17, Issue 16, eff. July 1, 2001; amended, Virginia Register Volume 31, Issue 21, eff. July 30, 2015.

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