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9VAC25-110-10. Definitions.

The words and terms used in this chapter shall have the same meanings as given in the State Water Control Law, Chapter 3.1 ( 62.1-44.2 et seq.) of Title 62.1 of the Code of Virginia and the VPDES Permit Regulation (9VAC25-31), unless the context clearly indicates otherwise, except that for the purposes of this chapter:

"7Q10" means the lowest flow averaged over a period of seven consecutive days that can be statistically expected to occur once every 10 years.

"Board" or "State Water Control Board" means the Virginia State Water Control Board.

"Combined application" means the Virginia Department of Health Discharging System Application for Single Family Dwellings Discharging Sewage Less Than or Equal to 1,000 Gallons per Day and State Water Control Board Virginia Pollutant Discharge Elimination System General Permit Registration Statement for Domestic Sewage Discharges Less Than or Equal to 1,000 Gallons per Day. This application combines the VDH Alternative Discharging Sewage Treatment Regulations for Individual Single Family Dwellings (12VAC5-640) requirements with the board's registration statement requirements.

"Department" or "DEQ" means the Virginia Department of Environmental Quality.

"Domestic sewage" means the water-carried human wastes from residences, buildings, industrial establishments or other places.

"Individual single family dwelling" means a residence housing one family or household or one that is designed for one family only.

"Receiving water" means a creek, stream, river, lake, estuary, groundwater formation, or other body of water into which treated waste or untreated waste is discharged.

"Total maximum daily load" or "TMDL" means a calculation of the maximum amount of a pollutant that a waterbody can receive and still meet water quality standards, and an allocation of that amount to the pollutant's sources. A TMDL includes wasteload allocations (WLAs) for point source discharges, and load allocations (LAs) for nonpoint sources or natural background or both, and must include a margin of safety (MOS) and account for seasonal variations.

"VDH" means the Virginia Department of Health.

Statutory Authority

62.1-44.15 of the Code of Virginia; 402 of the Clean Water Act; 40 CFR Parts 122, 123, and 124.

Historical Notes

Derived from VR680-14-09 1, eff. July 1, 1992; amended, Virginia Register Volume 12, Issue 19, eff. August 1, 1996; Volume 17, Issue 16, eff. August 1, 2001; Volume 22, Issue 4, eff. November 30, 2005; Volume 27, Issue 12, eff. August 2, 2011; Volume 32, Issue 13, eff. August 2, 2016.

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