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1VAC50-20-616. Order defining a town's future annexation rights.

In developing its order defining the future annexation rights of a town pursuant to 15.2-3234 of the Code of Virginia, the commission shall consider the information, data, and factors listed in this section. Any petition referred to the commission requesting an order establishing a town's future annexation rights should be accompanied by data and other evidence responsive to each element listed in this section that the town deems relevant to the issue.

1. Information regarding the inability of the town and the county to reach a voluntary agreement as to the future annexation rights of the town.

2. Terms and conditions of a proposed order establishing the town's future annexation rights.

3. Data and evidence responsive to the relevant provisions of 1VAC50-20-540.

4. The commission's staff shall endeavor to assist localities involved in proceedings concerning an order defining a town's future annexation rights by identifying additional data elements considered by the commission to be relevant in the disposition of such issues.

Statutory Authority

15.2-2903 of the Code of Virginia.

Historical Notes

Derived from Virginia Register Volume 22, Issue 26, eff. October 4, 2006.

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