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Convened January 11, 2012
Adjourned sine die March 10, 2012
Reconvened April 18, 2012
Adjourned sine die April 18, 2012

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(P) Passed (F) Failed (V) Vetoed (I) Incoporated into other legislation
(C) Carried over
Africans; General Assembly to commemorate their arrival to Virginia. (Patron-Ward, HR 57 (P))
Agency Effectiveness Review Commission; established, report. Adding §§ 30-330 through 30-339. (Patron-McWaters, SB 348 (F))
Agency reports; submission in written or electronic format. Amending §§ 2.2-110, 2.2-608, and 30-34.15. (Patron-Comstock, HB 550 (Chapter 434))
Appropriation bills; Chairmen of House Appropriations and Senate Finance Committees to issue reports with budget conference report. Adding § 30-19.10:1. (Patron-Toscano, HB 447 (F); Norment, SB 267 (F))
Auditor of Public Accounts; procurement of private accountants and auditing firms. Amending § 30-133. (Patron-Wilt, HB 341 (F))
Budget; conference report to be posted on Internet. Adding § 30-19.10:1. (Patron-Filler-Corn, HB 698 (F))
Campaign practices; final disposition of surplus funds by General Assembly members. Adding § 24.2-948.5. (Patron-Cosgrove, HB 168 (C))
Capitol Police; disposal of unclaimed firearms. Adding § 30-34.2:2. (Patron-Carrico, SB 573 (Chapter 209))
Certificate of public need program; eliminates requirement that Commissioner of Health report annually to Governor and General Assembly on status of program. Repealing § 32.1-102.12. (Patron-Newman, SB 487 (Chapter 123))
Constitutional amendment; General Assembly to delay reconvened session for a period of up to one week (second reference). Amending Section 6 of Article IV. (Patron-Englin, HJR 138 (Chapter 737))
Constitutional amendment; General Assembly to delay reconvened session for a period of up to one week (submitting to qualified voters). Amending Section 6 of Article IV. (Patron-Englin, HB 1021 (Chapter 533))
Convention to amend United States Constitution; selection and participation of Virginia delegates. Adding § 24.2-216.1. (Patron-LeMunyon, HB 619 (F))
Direct Aid to Public Education; Governor and General Assembly shall develop and implement plan to lower maximum Composite Index rate. (Patron-Rust, HB 873 (F))
Evaluate Tax Preferences, Joint Subcommittee to; established, report. Adding §§ 30-330, 30-331, and 30-332. (Patron-Landes, HB 777 (Chapter 777))
Federal Oversight, Commission on; created, report. Adding §§ 30-330 through 30-336. (Patron-Landes, HB 776 (F))
Four-for-Life; requires reallocation of moneys set aside from fees be made pursuant to legislation reviewed by House Committee on Health, Welfare and Institutions and Senate Committee on Education and Health. Amending § 46.2-694. (Patron-Orrock, HB 533 (F); Blevins, SB 312 (C))
General Assembly; adjournment sine die. (Patron-Cox, M.K., HJR 534 (P))
General Assembly; allows continuance of a case if represented by an attorney who is or becomes an officer, employee or member or member-elect thereof or employee of Division of Legislative Services. Amending § 30-5. (Patron-Habeeb, HB 45 (Chapter 394))
General Assembly; applies to Governor to call special session for purpose of considering budget bills and establishes schedule for conduct of business coming before such session. (Patron-Cox, M.K., HJR 532 (P))
General Assembly; change of date for completion of first conference on revenue bills. Amending Rule 16 of HJR 5, 2012. (Patron-McDougle, SJR 233 (F))
General Assembly; consideration of certain documents related to budget bill or general appropriation act. Adding § 30-19.1:11. (Patron-Smith, SB 272 (C))
General Assembly; creation of new regulatory program, report by Board for Professional and Occupational Regulation. Amending § 54.1-310; adding § 30-19.1:4.1. (Patron-Gilbert, HB 390 (F))
General Assembly; establishing prefiling schedule for 2013 Regular Session. (Patron-Cox, M.K., HJR 6 (P))
General Assembly; establishing schedule for conduct of business for 2012 Regular Session. (Patron-Cox, M.K., HJR 5 (P))
General Assembly; invites Governor and other distinguished guests to Hall of House of Delegates. (Patron-Cox, M.K., HR 5 (P))
General Assembly; legislation may be carried over from 2012 Regular Session to 2012 Special Session. (Patron-Cox, M.K., HJR 531 (P))
General Assembly; notifying Governor of organization. (Patron-Cox, M.K., HJR 103 (P))
General Assembly Conflicts of Interests Act; disclosure requirements. Amending § 30-111. (Patron-Surovell, HB 666 (F))
General Assembly Conflicts of Interests Act; disclosure requirements of certain large gifts. Adding § 30-111.1. (Patron-Plum, HB 691 (F))
General Assembly Conflicts of Interests Act; disclosure requirements of gifts of travel. Adding § 30-111.1. (Patron-Englin, HB 1260 (F))
Governor’s Executive Reorganization Plan; approval by each house of General Assembly. (Patron-Gilbert, HJR 49 (P); McDougle, SJR 66 (P))
House of Delegates; Clerk of House of Delegates to provide for digital recording of standing committee and subcommittee meetings. (Patron-Surovell, HR 4 (F))
House of Delegates; establishes Rules for 2012-2013 Sessions of General Assembly. (Patron-Cox, M.K., HR 2 (P))
Humphries, Kevin W.; transfers his service pistol to his widow, Kristen P. Humphries. (Patron-Norment, SB 682 (Chapter 205))
Joint Assembly; receiving Governor and other distinguished guests. (Patron-Cox, M.K., HJR 281 (P))
Legislation; introduction of bills referring to taxes. Adding § 30-19.1:6.1. (Patron-Marshall, R.G., HB 68 (F))
Legislation; prohibits any committee of General Assembly from reporting new state tax credit or renewing an existing state tax credit, exception. Adding § 30-19.1:11. (Patron-Cline, HB 246 (Chapter 265))
Lobbying and finance disclosure; disclosure of gifts and contributions. Amending § 2.2-426; adding § 24.2-947.10. (Patron-Surovell, HB 665 (F))
Planning and Budget, Department of; submissions of an analysis of estimates to Governor and General Assembly. Amending § 2.2-1504. (Patron-Cline, HB 244 (F))
Prefiled legislation; electronic signature may be used. Amending § 30-19.3. (Patron-McDougle, SB 611 (Chapter 670))
Public policy issues; United States Senate members of Virginia Congressional Delegation are invited to address Virginia General Assembly in joint session to discuss those within domains of federal and state governments. (Patron-LeMunyon, HJR 101 (F))
Public-Private Partnership Advisory Commission; powers. Amending §§ 30-278, 30-279, and 56-573.1:1; adding § 30-280.1. (Patron-Jones, HB 741 (C))
Rules of Evidence; any amendments or additions to Rule shall be adopted by Supreme Court of Virginia on or before November 15 of any year, etc., rules to conform with enactments of General Assembly. Amending § 8.01-3; repealing § 30-153. (Patron-Loupassi, HB 101 (Chapter 688); Edwards, SB 94 (Chapter 708))
Senate and House Committees on Standards of Conduct; requires each house to establish. Amending § 30-120. (Patron-Lingamfelter, HB 936 (F))
Sesquicentennial of Emancipation Proclamation; recognizing African American members of Virginia Constitutional Convention of 1867-1868 and members of Virginia General Assembly during Reconstruction for outstanding service. (Patron-McClellan, HJR 65 (P); Marsh, SJR 13 (P))
State employees and members of General Assembly; compensation and fringe benefits. (Patron-Orrock, HB 1228 (F))
Tax bills; prohibits any committee of General Assembly reporting any bill that establishes, increases, or expands state or local tax exemption, credit, deduction, etc., unless bill contains sunset date not to exceed five years. Adding § 30-19.1:11. (Patron-Englin, HB 1032 (F))
Tolls; prohibits on Interstate 95 without approval of General Assembly. Amending § 33.1-23.03:10. (Patron-Tyler, HB 778 (F))
Transportation Accountability, Joint Commission on; administrative staff support by House Clerk’s Office. Amending § 30-283. (Patron-May, HB 810 (Chapter 329))
Turkey, Government of; encourage to grant certain rights to Ecumenical Patriarch. (Patron-Joannou, HR 35 (P))
Turkey, Government of; General Assembly to encourage to grant certain rights to Ecumenical Patriarch. (Patron-Joannou, HJR 148 (C))
Unfunded mandates; General Assembly to recognize difficulties caused upon State localities. (Patron-Dudenhefer, HJR 117 (F))
United States Constitution; General Assembly of Virginia to ratify and affirm Equal Rights Amendment. (Patron-Surovell, HJR 115 (F); Barker, SJR 130 (F))
Virginia Bicentennial of American War of 1812 Commission; extends time that Commission may be funded upon approval of Joint Rules Committee. Amending second enactment of Chapter 436, 2009 Acts. (Patron-Cox, M.K., HB 349 (Chapter 495))
Virginia Code Commission; public comment on revision, repeal, and recodification of Code sections. Amending § 30-152. (Patron-LeMunyon, HB 612 (F))
Virginia College Savings Plan; Joint Legislative Audit and Review Commission to oversee and evaluate, report. Adding §§ 30-330 through 30-335. (Patron-Jones, HB 739 (Chapter 659); Hanger, SB 599 (Chapter 591))
Virginia Disability Commission; establishing work groups to assist in carrying out its powers and duties, repeals sunset provision. Amending § 30-236; repealing § 30-239. (Patron-Orrock, HB 79 (Chapter 741))
Virginia General Assembly; recognizing African American members elected during Reconstruction. (Patron-McClellan, HJR 64 (I) See HJR65; Marsh, SJR 89 (I) See SJR13)
Virginia ports; requires approval of both Governor and General Assembly before any change in ownership is permitted. Amending § 62.1-132.19. (Patron-Purkey, HB 510 (F))
Virginia Slave Commission; established, report. Adding §§ 30-330 through 30-335. (Patron-McQuinn, HB 527 (F))
Virginia’s Tax Preferences, Commission to Review Effectiveness of; establishes Commission to oversee evaluation of preferences, report. Adding §§ 30-330 through 30-333. (Patron-Toscano, HB 146 (F))
Williamsburg Session; expressing appreciation for hospitality extended by Colonial Williamsburg Foundation. (Patron-Cox, M.K., HJR 282 (P))
Williamsburg Session; invitation of Colonial Williamsburg to use Colonial Capitol in City of Williamsburg on January 28, 2012, be accepted. (Patron-Cox, M.K., HJR 184 (P))
Wilson, Edith Bolling; General Assembly to recognize Town of Wytheville and Wythe County as Birthplace and Childhood Home of First Lady. (Patron-Crockett-Stark, HJR 230 (P))
Workers’ Compensation Commission; prohibits any deputy commissioner of Virginia Workers’ Compensation Commission from serving a term longer than five years unless reappointed by General Assembly. Amending § 65.2-201. (Patron-Habeeb, HB 226 (F))

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